The Sixth Ship

Find your Family....Find Humanity

Across the vast reaches of space, a family sits divided and begs to be reunited. To do so, Carl Grover and his motley crew on humanity’s first interstellar vessel must do the impossible and track down the lost survivors of the passing black hole 300 years ago. To keep humanity and memories of Earth alive, the nations of Earth banded together (for the most part). They built stunningly vast arkships called Great Journeys to convey the best of their people to new worlds found by various space telescopes like Kepler. Two of those people were Carl’s stepfather and stepbrother, Jeffrey Grover.

Together they must find the lost ships of humanity’s first age, no matter their grisly fate. They must find The 6th Ship, before a worse threat find them.



Antathon. Age 159 years

With the title of Great Engineer for the vast Horto interstellar Confederation, Antathon had led the rebuilding of Sol Sphere for 50 years. He has been tasked by the director of Siesta Station with one amazing last mission: find the missing Great Journeys. He wears a top hat to hide his topmost eyes and appear more human in public.

Carl Grover B2. Age 24/2wks

2nd clone of original Carl Grover. Resident of Ghana asteroid field, Jupiter orbit, born on Broken Moon-2. Chief diplomat of the Yugen.

Jeffrey Grover. Age 20/338

Last survivor of Great Journey Oceania. Infected with an unknown alien virus. Likes to tease his "nephew".

Kalath the Wise. Age unk.

A historian from the Wala Alliance. He joins the Yugen crew to learn more about the history of the human race, a race that messaged the Wala at Polaris. They picked up the phone.

Lima. Age 40/40years cyber

Lost her family in a space accident 40 years prior to the events in the book. After surviving a coma, was installed into a cyborg body that was later upgraded to series 13c, giving her the ability to guide quantum jump connections. Has hidden armaments in her arms, so she’s well armed.

Voidmaster. Age unk.

Leader of a GSL assault fleet. Highly focused on the destruction of enemy aliens. Also focused on avenging the pain of colonization.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been playing a lot of Elite Dangerous, with a goal in mind. I wanted to show you wonderful readers what the worlds the Great Journeys went to would look like. I suppose I could have had them drawn, but I had already purchased the game, so why not use the game’s graphic engine instead?

Trappist 1-e system, as seen from Trappist 1-d. This isn’t quite how I imagined the planet, but it’s cool.

This is Luyten’s Star 4B. It’s not a match for Luyten B at all but this is how the game interpreted the data, before B was confirmed. This world would not be terraformed but it could make a good mining base.

This is how I pictured Ross 128b, had everything gone according to plan. But it could also be Trappist 1-e. This planet is in LHS 1951 and the station is Hobaugh Orbital. It reminded me of the cover.

Hey, it’s me! I told you I was in the game! I’m looking at LHS 1140b, the world the SCO was heading to before the pirates messed up their day. In the game, it’s really 36 Ophiuchi A 1a I’m on and looking at 36 Ophiuchi A 1. The camera mode also works in Horizons, much to my delight.

This is New Africa, which was my idea for GJ 667 C, the world the Europa passed on. That moon there hauls so much ass I had to crash into it in order to land on it. There is another terraformed world in this system, but I wanted a more water-world effect to mesh with how I saw Garlock.

And finally, this is supposed to be Kepler-186F. In the game it’s…a mouthful. It’s in the system Wredguia PI-B d13-39 3 a. Many of the Kepler worlds in this game are out in Wredguia sector. This is how I imagined the world the African Union would have colonized.