Kisha The Demon Eater

Kisha the Demon Eater Vol.1

Haha! Spotted a continuity error! There's no train to Vicksburg! Let's just say I'm proud of my Amtrak knowledge!

Anyway, Kisha has two parts- a prologue which introduces the demon Kisha and the main story which introduces Kisha. They are not the same person, and then they are. It's not that complicated. 

Basically, Kisha the human goes with her friends into a demonic portal and she accidentally gets possessed by Kisha the demon. Now she must fight against the evil demons and demon hunters while trying to figure out her own powers and spirituality. 

Is this a New Orleans story? Yes, in fact it is. It's kinda set in the same world as the Crescent City monsters. The Grunch monsters are in the story and there's some mention of characters but the mains of both have yet to interact. That might happen in Vol 3, whenever the Dream Fury crew gets around to it. Vol 2 will certainly have our Nawlins schoolgirl killing machine fighting for her life in Kansas,

I found the art to be great in quality and framing. The mix of color in some pages really helps the scenes in which it appears. I'm not sure as to why they only colored some objects and not others but it did not distract from the story. This comic reads like a Big 3 produced work in terms of art. I hope they can keep up their high quality in future works.

You can find Kisha and Crescent City Monsters at this link