Planet Alkebulan 

Kickstarter Comic Reviews- The Return: #PlanetAlkebulan 

If there’s one thing I like about Kickstarter Comics it’s the consistency in returns. Maybe I just pick consistent Kickstarters? This is another example of a consistent Kickstarter.

I read #1 a while ago, like last year long ago. Basically there’s this redunculously large planet with many fantasy and fantastical creatures and of course there’s a great evil to fight. In this issue, the King is trying to bring peace to the lands by stopping the evil Queen. Aiding him his task is his royal guard, and the Conan expy Shabaka and his friend Quhala, who is pictured above. It reads a bit like Lord of The Rings to be honest, although with a LOT more hostile wildlife. Can Shabaka and Quhala get the King across the dangerous swamps literally controlled by the evil queen?

This is one of the few Kickstarters that mentions when the story ends, so I’m expecting a blockbuster final issue next time on Kickstarter. In doing so, I hope he doesn’t feel rushed and gets the spelling and page numbers right. This copy has some issues to say the least. The art and framing are a bit hard to decipher and it makes the story more confusing than it needs to be.

Creator Carroll talks a lot on his podcast on Youtube about making quality products. But I’d wish he’d take his own advice as this comic misses the mark in many ways. Perhaps the pandemic slowed his editing process? I give it 3 out of 5 stars. You can find Planet Alkebulan and other Jeff Carroll works at and

A shout-out to my fans in Mugla Turkey and Skelmersdale Lancaeshire and Phoenix Arizona!