Monster Matador

Monster Matador #1

Another one fresh off the Kickstarter press! I got this one from Zufan #1.

It's been a while since I last covered a Latin-American focused comic book. La Mano Del Destino was the most recent one, though I recall another one set in futuristic Brazil. So, we're in for a treat. 

A team of matadors face off against giant creatures, including kaiju-class monstrosities, in this action horror comic. But the best action comes from the excessive machismo from the competing heroes and the snark from the side characters. I think some readers might find the snark condescending or stereotypical (Of course, there's a Spanish Fly joke) but I believe that ads to the fun of the experience. In a world besieged by giant monsters, a group of locals and matadors team up to take down the Volagante, some sort of giant fly queen and its children. Dunno how the matadors are able to fight with such strength and agility whereas regular humans with guns barely stand a chance against the fly children, but hey the Matadors have class (and great hair)!

The artwork looks good in some places, but the way the faces were drawn left a lot to be desired. This is the first issue so I'm not going to tear it up too much (I take it easier on first issues than others) but I feel the art needs some clarity. Not the monster art- the art team did an awesome job on that. 

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