Galaxy Heirs

Kickstarter Comic Reviews #usual: Galaxy Heirs #1 

Maybe it’s the summer heat getting to me. Maybe it’s the end of the rainy season. Maybe it’s really me? No matter the cause, I can’t quite get into this story from Rubyn Warren II and Evoluzione publishing. It just seems so…done before, if you know what I mean.

Stop me if you heard this one- young man (or woman) on Earth (or whereabouts) is living their live unbeknownst to the chaotic intergalactic civil strife in the skies above them. Until one day the forces of one side (or the other) show up and want to take the young person into space because they are secretly the king/emperor/chosen one or whatever. Yeah you’ve probably heard this one before.

Galaxy Heirs #1 plays this trope almost as straight as a train track. The only major difference is the main character Desmond Jones having a life he’s proud of. Adopted at a young age after living in a group home until the age of 6, he went on to become a talented youth counselor (I think). Until alien humans show up and things get wild. Naturally, he’s space royalty and assassins try to kill him and a pirate crew has to save him. They’re dressed like pirates or like the X-Men’s Corsairs.

It’s kind of a meh story but the art and framing is surprisingly good. I liked the first cover the most so I didn’t pay for the variant but the second variant looks the best. Here, I really like the shading and the sci-fi framing of the scene. Not every scene in the book is like this but it shows what the art team can do with artistic license. It brings out the emotions and the tension of the scene really well.

Fundamentally, is Galaxy Heirs a worthwhile read? Kind of… At least Kickstarter thought it was worthy of Projects We Love backing. I have some feelings regarding that in that this is not a project I love but one I mildly respect and decently enjoy. If you want to read a “run of the mill” space epic, this is a good choice. If you’ve seen enough of those kind of stories, you might feel this one is just generic space-adventure-but- with-Black people. Me, I’d wait to pick this one up until issue 3 is out, because Evoluzione has a habit on subverting expectations.

Check on the Evoluzione sale page here for if it gets sold. As of this writing, it’s not available, but it’ll probably appear as a giveaway in their next big comic release.