Talk About It Tuesdays / Tyranny

Today I review an interesting piece of woke sci-fi called Tyranny, It's a bit hard to follow and the main character reminds me of Huey from the Boondocks.

Nonetheless I felt it was pretty cool and I could see where the director was going with the ideas. I hope he continues with the story, which seems pretty likely because he posted episode 3 in December 2017. 

The story could use some improvements and stick to one genre. Comedy, Sci-fi, Comedy Sci-fi? The genre flipping's got a bit jarring between ep 2 and 3.

I am going on vacation for the rest of the month. I might be able to post blog updates, though I find Squarespace to be difficult to edit on mobile. Guess I'll find out if their app is any good. Nonetheless, there will be shows on the 13th and 20th and (maybe) no show on the 27th. I say maybe because I might have my brother fill in for me or I'll do a show on the road.

Talk About It Tuesdays / BorderClash

Whoops I wrote about the wrong program. Now I gotta rewrite this description

To really understand the background behind BorderClash, you have to be familiar with Civil War; the Marvel Comic event. If you don't know what it is, I'm including a catch up video made by the ComicsExplained guy I frequently make fun of.

Watch it if you've got 5 and a half hours to spend on Marvel Comics. Yeah, I know, you'd rather clean the gutters...


I have two 2-week vacations in Jan and Feb this year. So far, I've been productive. I've completed two reviews, lined up the show's reviews through May essentially, and started writing my next 3 projects.

I also got more cover artists (since I think my artist got blown away in the windstorm plaguing Europe) and two of my book covers will be completed this week, if not sooner. I'll be showcasing them later this week when they come in.

I'm also looking for background music for the show, liven things up and that sort of thing. If you're a musician, I'd like to showcase your music on the show. Leave a comment here or use the contact page to let me know. 

Upcoming Reviews

  1. BorderClash episodes 1-3 (youtube video)
  2. Tyranny episodes 1-3 (youtube video)
  3. Mostly Human by Antoinette Houston
  4. The Sunhawks Vol 1 by Iam Bennu (comic)

That's my schedule through Feb. The show will post for the next 4 weeks. But I might do an episode while in New Zealand if I have time. I won't have my standard home gear, but I think I can make it work.