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Here's the latest release of Cyberbeast Model V from my favorite artist Ariel Viola. I've got one more art piece to make up and then I should be ready for the webtoon artist meeting. 

For best visual scary reference, set your browser to dark mode.

Iyanu the Child of Wonder Vol 3

Here we go! Y'all know I'm a big fan of everything YouNeek! It's hard not to get excited for a new release of the Iyanu series. Does this one maintain the awe of the first two issues? Well...

OK, I get it, it's geared more towards young folk than us crusty 40-somethings like me who read too much McFarlane growing up. But I feel this edition misses the mark on some ways. While I was very happy with the action and the leadup, I felt there was a bit too much chatter and drama. I'm concerned that some readers might only go halfway into the volume or skip over the dialog and focus on the visuals. At any rate, we find Iyanu and Biyi escaping the invasion and they rescue Toye the bookworm along the way to the source, while the people of the walled city rebel.

Speaking of the visuals, the artwork, pacing and framing remain top notch. The sequence is easy to follow, the proportions seem correct, and the animals enemies seem to pop out of the page. I wasn't a big fan of how they drew Iyanu as it wasn't as consistent throughout and I often got her mixed up with Biyi in some scenes. 

With the series set to go on the air on HBO MAX soon, I'm considering the possibility they frontloaded a lot of key material here to have enough for the show writers & animators to work with. Sometimes that's a bad thing (see later seasons of X-Men 93) but here I think it works. Another decent winner from the minds of YouNeek!

You can find Iyanu Vol 3 pretty much anywhere like Amazon and Kobo.

BAM the webcomic

I haven't reviewed anything in awhile, mostly because kickstarters are taking their sweet time. So I paid a quick visit to the Black Comic Creators and found this interesting gem. It reads like a mix of Invincible, Spider-man, and Dragon Ball. It's an odd webcomic that works well with the right blend.

The heroes of Earth are tired of the constant complaints by the people over the heroes' activities, and decide to bye felicia the planet. 10 years later, Wymond and his friend Joon are orphan teenagers living in an abandoned library, barely scraping a living selling scrap. Apparently after the heroes left, the world became Somalia (since they probably didn't take the villains with them). During a fight with Prism gang members, Wymond's powers activate and he takes them down. With his friend and a hero mechanic, they fight to restore order to the city. Unfortunately for them, the Prism gang's not taking the challenge to their drug trade lying down.

The artwork is a bit simple and less refined compared to other works I've read. Since this is a webcomic, that's to be expected since the format is not as free as a standard paper comic. Though I feel the art team can do a better job on lettering and typos. Typos are very distracting. 

You can find BAM! at Avocomics. Watch out for some copied pages and some misdirected links. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Astral Genesis #1

Have you read this story before? Because that's the feeling I had when I read the first 5 pages. 

Former astronaut Jonathan DeVane struggles with life after leaving NASA in the wake of the mission to destroy a comet. Turns out, it wasn't a comet at all but an alien spaceship and debris from the crash killed hundreds across the world. But our hero doesn't know that, until his colleague Tommy asks him to help transport a Russian hacktivist to a swap meet. But it turns out the convoy was also carrying a secret. A secret named Lila. DeVane, the hacktivist, and the alien hybrid Lila must fight the US government to figure out her origin and what the evil general is up to, all before the invasion fleet shows up. 

This is a graphic novel of 120 some pages so I wasn't counting on the air being great throughout. I was a bit surprised to see that it was quite consistent in quality. The paneling and interspaced amount of full page spreads were good as well. The dialog bubbies are spaced quite well and I didn't have problems knowing who's talking and when.

But the main problem with the story is that I've read too many versions of it. The grizzled vet main character and Lila the alien hottie reminds me of Fifth Element, the Russian hacktivist reminds me of a dumber Edward Snowden, and the evil general reminds me of every B-movie Scify channel's produced. Hell even the alien invaders felt "stock" to me. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

You can get Astral Genesis from Pet Piranha Entertaiment on Indiegogo.

The Woman from A.F.R.O #1

Another one of my Kickstarters came through, right at the start of my overseas trip. So now I gotta sit down and write this review. Oh, my life, it's so hard. #sarcasm

Stella Rae Simone is a spy and bodyguard for A.F.R.O the All-Female Revolutionary Organization. She gets an easy assignment in this issue- Protect Keith Washington, a George Washington Carver type with a cure for carbon emissions. unfortunately, some international terrorist group has other ideas. Can Stella rescue him in time for the speech?

The art seems pretty mundane for a first issue. I didn't see any particularly glaring mistakes. The framing and panel work looked pretty professional as well. I feel like the art team spent more time making Stella look hot and curvaceous rather than on the overall art. Me personally, since the character is a combat-type, I would have drawn the afro smaller to minimize the grab potential. But that's just me.

You can find it at the FroLife website here.

Ascension Chronicles #1-30 (Webtoon version)

When I first heard of this comic, it was hosted on some website and I tucked it into my "read eventually" list. How many years ago was that? (Check paper) 4 years ago??? Holy hell I'm late on this one! Anyway, now it's on Webtoon and I've decided to take a look. 

We start off with a fairly boilerplate intro. Humans in space, etc, then bad aliens show up and the hero has to leave his family behind to die, on the orders of his father. Naturally, Hanzo Midori doesn't accept his father's decision and decides to join the Protectorate Navy. In his first mission with the forces, the dreaded Imperial Consortium shows up to raid the planet he's patrolling. With grit and clever use of imaging, the humans win the fight, or so they think. Hanzo and his fellow fighter pilot are unable to stop the theft of data but learn a deep dark secret hidden under the planet. 

Because this wasn't originally made to be a webtoon, there are some artistic and stylish mistakes that aren't as serious in the website version. Though many of these are related to aspect ratio differences and the way the art team should have done the paneling. Most webtoon readers don't like lateral reading so they should've split the panels to make a long pole instead of filling a page. 

Anyway, if you're interested in an exciting, CGI drawn space action comic, I think you're in for a treat, provided you're forgiving of the art foibles. 

You can find The Ascension Chronicles at or at

The Demon Lord is My Mistress #1

Here's a hilarious one that'll never make it to your local comic book stores. Might make it to your local adult toy store, however. Or comedy shop due to its humorous ideas.

Eric AKA E is a chef at a busy kitchen and a big time anime fan. His coworkers respect him for his work ethic and skills though they rib him for liking anime in his 30s. One day, he falls asleep in his car and gets Isakaied (not by Truck-Kun) by a goddess but the demon lord Layla intercepted the summon and claimed him instead. After some fooling around, the goddess gets the hero back but is embarrased and has to cover up her mistake. Now, E must defend Axis against the evils and fight the demon lord, using video game mechanics similar to the Land series. It's every weeb's dream...until it becomes a nightmare.

The art isn't nightmarish, though the framing and position make it hard to follow at some points. For an adult oriented comic, it lacks a lot of nudity and seems excessive in other ways. Did the giant bird really tear the priestess' clothes off? Seems kinda off to me. Going forward I think the artist will change up the framing and improve the readability. Will the team add more nudity? In some ways, it might be less if they added more.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. A good hilarious start to a series I certainly will be following. 

For now, it's not on sale. When I hear about it, I'll update this posting.

By The Time I Get to Dallas #1-3

This series came my way through the Zufan pack, then I saw #3 was available and just had to splurge on the $7 to get it. It's not something you see every day- a well written non-zombie comic. 

The main character is crushing it in residency in Boston, but the world around him falls apart as billions of people around the world receive the strange 'call' to go to Dallas for some reason. In the first issue, they talk about a mysterious skeleton found at an oil field, which was buried too far underground for native style practices. Rudy witnesses his girlfriend's suddenly leaving for Dallas and become one of the 'travelers' unable to stop themselves from walking to Dallas. Even pain is not enough and they react violently when blocked. So what can Rudy do? He's been kicked out of medical school, his GF is MIA, his family's already dead, and suicide seems like a good idea. He decides to get to Dallas and on the way he finds other people who want to go there too, perhaps to find a cure. 

The artwork reminds me of Walking Dead and Y the Last Man for some reason. It is quite the gory comic and the artwork does that pretty well, though I feel the paneling needs some work. I think because this comic was designed for the page and not the PDF, the paneling doesn't convey the story in the way the author intended. Nonetheless, it's still ongoing and #3 showed improvement.

You can find it at:

Here's something different- a webcomic about chess! it?

Klani is your average teenager who has to move to a new city, until tragedy strikes. Under what circumstances the tragedy has to deal with the main chararcter Klani's older brother remains to be seen. But in this city, chess is more than just a hobby. It's almost a way of life, of success, of rising in the social hierarchy. Klani must become the best grandmaster to find out what happened to her older brother, who disappeared after beating a grandmaster in a thrilling match 8 years earlier. 

The artwork is fairly standard for a webtoon. You're not going to be blown away by it though I feel he draws the characters a bit better in the later issues. The only real problem with the art comes from the lettering. The artist or letterer really needs to improve how the letters are arranged as there are some grammar errors galore and other things that could have been done.

Nonetheless, if you like a semi-serious slow burner of a teen-style mystery drama, you're in luck. Don't worry too much about the story, the art carries it a bit more and the middle chapters really clarify things. You can find this 4 star wonderpiece at Naver Webtoon by clicking the picture.

Akolyte #5 Therans Cry

Another one fresh off the Kickstarter press!

We follow Akolyte after the climatic events in issue 4, in space and heading to fight the Children of Chaos. Why he didn't check the nearest kindergaten is beyond me since there are many children of chaos in there. Anyway, he is attacked by Therans and before he can sort out the matter, a cybernetic enemy called The Zenith. The Zenith are hunting the Therans for some reason, and Akolyte must come to the rescue. Who are these enemies and what role will they play in the universe? I suppose this will come to a head in future chapters.

The art show some improvement over the first issue. The character's powers and the panel placement definitely showed improvement. You get as great a cosmic vibe with this issue as you did with the first issues. 

The story wasn't as interesting or as dynamic as it could have been. The plotline did not seem too boilerplate, but the idea of a weak race needing to be saved by a galactic hero has been done a lot, especially in the Silver Surfer comics. Now some of this is to be expected, since this character is somewhat patterned off the space traveler genre. Another mistake was at the end, in which both groups are shown to not be what they appear to be. Which is fine, but Akolyte should have sensed that right away. Perhaps this storyline will continue with the next issues, since this one did well on Kickstarter?

It'll be a while before this comic comes to the stores but you should keep an eye out for it at the Konkret Comics website.

Niobe and Dura #1

Following the Niobe series has been a challenge. The reading order on the website is a bit of a mess and it's hard to know what's new, plus Jones habitually releases flashbacks. So it's a little easy to jump into the story, it's hard to know where exactly it is going. Stranger comics didn't publish much during the pandemic but the company continued with StrangerCon and other events, so I knew the line wasn't dead. Haven't heard anything about the cartoon on HBO but with restructuring there I'm giving up on it. However, today's comic came my day due to their Free Comic Day promotion.

We return to the world of Asunda by looking at Niobe and Dura #1. Here, Niobe's village is attacked and she is pursued by a hostile named Vastar, an agent of the Untamed. Vastar knows Niobe's father and wants to take her back to him as part of the end-of-the-world threat but Dura, one of the creators of Asunda, comes to the rescue.

The art remains a good selling point of this series. While it's not super glossy or detailed, it retains a solid polish and refinement you typically see in the series. The paneling works with the story really well, and the character art remains top-tier. Fans of the previous issues will be pleased with this one.  

The storyline for this one is not too complicated but I suggest reading Essessa and Morka Moa first to get the background of this story. Though in future issues, he might cover more background of Asunda and Niobe's origin. I just hope it doesn't clash.

You can find Niobe & Dura #1 for free at The Stranger Comics.

Zufan #2

A continuation of a sci-fi historical retelling by the minds behind Hawi. We find ourselves in the African alliance after the signing of the treaty between the Mero aliens, but there were some hidden costs. Just like in real life, the Mero were not fully honest about what they wanted and Zufan was in a hurry to sign it.

Part of the story is told months after the signing and part is told not long after the signing, when the Mero deception has been found out. Lurking in the background are the cunniving leaders of the CMWA out of Mali, who lost to Zufan in the election. There is an important lesson here on the nature of trust vis-a-vie national interest. Something that Kofi and Nkem learn the hard, painful way.

The art showed a bit of improvement though I liked the art in #1 more, especially the key scenes.  But in other scenes I found it lacking. Not that I expect every scene to get the artistic treatment. Yet I think some scenes could have been better with greater lighting emphasis. Ah well- they'll improve next time.

And it seems like there will be a next time. Lots of backers for this one, which is always a good sign. I think this will be a series I can follow to start to finish. And so should you.

Look for Zufan on Kickstarter and their website here.

Where can the zombie genre go now? We've got sci-fi zombies, Victorian era zombies, modern zombies, old zombies, high school zombies, and now... Kindergarten zombies! 

The zombie gas spreads in the city and zombies attack elementary school PS 43 in da Bronx! 9-year-old (really 10) LETITIA JOHNSON hears the initial attack and goes to her younger sister's kindergarten class and keeps them safe. The other classes bail or are overwhelmed, leaving her to protect JAHAYRA and the rest of the kindergarteners. Can she keep the little kids from exposing their position, or are they doomed to PS43!

The comic updates every Monday. Update: My original thought was that the series was delayed, but as of Mon 4/24 that is not the case! 

The artwork is better than average for a webtoon, but not super glittery or computerized like a Naver or Kakao Webtoon. So expect good art and decent paneling along with scary atmospherics. I really liked how they dimmed the scene for nighttime, adding realism with the terror of the night filled with zombie monsters. 

Update: I received word from the author that he has more pages to draw, so this story's ongoing and definitely worth a read if you're into horror and zombie comics. PS43 Survives 

Scorpio #3 by John Robinson IV

One of my favorite yet frustrating series is finally back. I wrote about this series in 2019 and while I wasn't a big fan of issue #2, I was pretty psyched when I heard #3 was coming out. But is it any good?

This issue continues the storyline of the zodiac...people? They look like people. Anyway, we learn of a dangerous conspiracy that seeks zodiac relics, like the one in Shim's possession. In the aftermath of the break-in, the company's in chaos and Shim is forced to confront his CFO, who now has his relic box. Can he unlock the relic and save Naomi before the monster slays her? Can he square his love triangle before all 3 sides learn of each other? What other drama will come his way?

The art team changed since #1 first came out and I certainly notice the difference. The characters are drawn better and the action is crisper, plus the framing looks much less blocky. There's a lot more CGI effect in this issue, which you'd expect in an exposition scene. An overall improvement.

Story-wise, I feel it's a bit too short and without a followup message regarding the next issue, I worry that this might be the last issue. I liked the ending and the way it built suspense. Robinson's always had good worldbuilding skills and it shows in this issue, especially with the ending. It's not a deeply flawed series, and while it doesn't have the depth of Saga or the clout of Niobe, it's still an interesting read.

I'll update this site when the issue hits the stores. Until then, check Kickstarter.

Here's a new one for me, readers- a webtoon! I haven't covered a webtoon from before. The writer asked for reviews so let's get to it!

The cover painting makes me think of a Dungeons & Dragons board game cover. From the cover and the title, you can tell this is an epic fantasy of some sort with a slight religious bent to it. I typically don't read epic fantasy so I can't think of any novels in this subgenre, but Niobe comes to mind. Is this another Niobe, you're wondering? Perhaps.

The story focuses on an 'underworld' realm of sorts, where we follow elf-like beings Nina and her twin sister Kara, along with their friend Dwain. Kara and Dwain are members of the town guild but Nina has yet to pass the test. Nina feels her sister and friend leaving her behind and tries desperately to get in. However this puts her loved ones at risk. Meanwhile there is a side plot of demonoids escaped from a local jail and heading for the way back to Earth. A demonic prison warden chases after them. How the two plotlines merge will be revealed in future episodes, since I only read up to issue 12. 

Now we must talk about the art. Those unfamiliar with Webtoon might feel it jarring to have full color in the first few pages but not the rest of the first issue. I liked this because it enhances the importance of the scene. Also I am a little familiar with Webtoon's requirements and they like this sort of thing, whereas I feel some readers wouldn't like the inconsistency. Me personally, I liked the shifts in art style throughout the story. 

What I didn't like was some of the paneling. Some scenes had a lot more 'dead space' over character's heads than I liked. This is a common webtoon design flaw, since you're reading top-to-bottom rather than pages like a comic book. Thus, you're always going to have some dead space. When I draw my own webcomic some day, I'll use frame edges to remove some of the dead space and make the reading much tighter. Creator Marc Blair does a good job of making tight panels here, especially during dialogs, but some of issue 9 had the problem. Also, the art doesn't "slap" like a real comic book or even other webtoons like Perfect Hybrid. Some scenes lack definition, while others are well-defined and have fully formed backgrounds. You'll see the Colosseum in one scene and a very tightly stenciled Korean hanok village in another. While I like this, I worry the author might get into a copyright fight if the design is too much like the inspirational piece.

Overall, I'd say this story is a cut above many webtoons out there, but it lacks the artistic flavor of the more famous toons. The plotline doesn't tightly pull in the reader, unless you like heroes and fantasy arcs. But as I read the graveyard scene and the end of issue 12, I could see the plotlines and general story arc starting to form. He's got a good block of 14 issues so far and has started publishing after a long delay, which I find a good sign the story will stick around. That gives me hope in Marc's artwork and paneling for future issues. 

I give UnEarthed a gravely concerned score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Get out the shovel, folks! We've found silver in these webtoon hills! 

Your can read UnEarthed at Webtoons here.

Dark Side of Seoul Volume 1 and 2

I admit that it's a bit late in the year for scary stories, but as you might already know, February is a common release time for horror movies. So, why now for horror comics as well? Actually, it was late, but better late than never, eh?

I read the first issue two years ago. and while I didn't cover it, it made a big impression on me. I've read and heard various ghost stories related to actual events in Korean history, and while only a few have been made into movies/Netflix shows, the ones in these comics have not. They are tales from the ghost walk of Seoul, something I recommend for any tourist in the city. 

The tales are part morality and part historical fantasy. Vol 2 seemed to cover more abusive men than Vol 1 did. There was definitely a change in art as well, with new artists in Vol 2. I think B&W comics do not lose anything, for in the colored medium we expect greater things. As such, Vol 2 seems a big more Manga-ish than Vol 1 did. While the art was better overall, I liked the paneling a bit more in Vol 1. 

Overall the stories are not particularly scary in vol 2, but I wouldn't recommend them for young children. They might get ideas, you see? Ideas about...revenge...

If you're interested check out the website Dark Side of Seoul for comics and podcast, or to book one of their tours!

Odina #1

Odina is one of the signature Konkret characters, and likely their star character, but can she carry the franchise? Let's find out. I read issues 1-4 to answer that question.

The art, especially the covers really pops out of the screen and the issues have that glossy new-comic look. The first issue had some art erorrs and mistakes in plotting that were corrected in future issues. But we don't really get the origin of Odina we could use. We get some hints, like her demon-based powers. Her origin seems related to the main threat she's fighting with the Kush gods to defeat the evil hybrid queen. But will she survive against Lady Tiye to find out? She got some training but Lady Tiye is a powerhouse.

Odina's a bit of a snarky jerk which is different from other woman-power comics. It's a little off-putting considering her age, but there's some charm to it. Don't let it put you off from her comic, though.

You can find Odina and others at 


Not sure when I picked this one up but it's been in my collection for awhile. I was hoping that a second issue would be out by now, but no luck. So it's been on the backburner for reviews while I wait for Kickstarters to come in. 

It's an interesting but only partially explained story. Dr. Nir Yeboah wakes up in a hospital after 3 month coma with barely any idea of how he got there. The last thing he remembers is getting out of his car to go to work in the lab. When he came in, he had terrible burns on his right side, with his hand terribly mangled. But now he can bench 900lbs and run 8 miles almost breathlessly. 

But the story ends before any clues come in for his mysterious transformation. And like the art, it's inherently forgettable. 

You can find this on Amazon or the Amaranthine Comics site here.

Here's another forgotten one, but with worse art. Though I am a fan of 3D rendered comics, this one had more downs than ups. 

There's a lot more action in this one, with Jai and Elbie rescuing abducted humans from an alien ship light-years from Earth. One of the rescued is Ophelia, a crabby teenage girl with an attitude. I guess she's supposed to be the main character in future issues, but none were released.

It's a shame because the story had an interesting premise- abducted humans banding together and using alien tech to stop their enemies. Gives it almost an XCOM feel.

If you wanna see for yourself, it's at Amazon here

Kandake #1

It reads like a Wonder Woman copy, but it isn't. It reads more like a mix between Black Adam and Malika, to be honest. But is it a fun read, or serious historical critique?

Amani Renas, the last surviving Kandake warrior of the ancient kingdom of Kush, starts the issue wandering the ruins of the capital. Her kingdom destroyed, she was in purgatory, but it doesn't quite show that in the issue. She stumbles across a village being attacked by a new enemy- the militia. 

She has some sort of magically enhanced strength though its range is not clear. She's part of the Konkret universe but is not certain of what her role should be. She needs to find herself in this modern world of new heroes and forgotten gods. 

The art of the comic is pretty impressive. The framing, the action moves, the stills all give the comic a polished, semi-modern look. The way they draw is very 90s and pre-heavy digital era look. I think fans of that era of comic (the good ones not the bad ones) would like the artistic spread and angle of this one. Fans of African focused comics will like the focus on Kush and other ancient kingdoms.

There are other comics in the Konkret line that I've covered before. I've covered Akolyte on Talk About It Tuesday and liked it enough that I might buy more in the series. I'm not 100% this will be as successful as their other comics, but they're treading new ground with her, so we'll see. Odina's been around for awhile too so we'll see how they separate her from Kandake. 

You can find Kandake and others at 


Here's something markedly different. Not a single human character in this story. Think of "origins" as the origins of human life on Earth. The characters are wood-spirits(?) I think, assigned by the god Ashari to prepare the Earth for humanity. However, Barkuzu the elder decides not to ascend and wants to control Earth for himself. The new chosen and his friends must learn the secrets of the power system and stop Barkuzu's invasion before the biosphere collapses. It's a wild fantasy adventure, no doubt about that.

The art reminds me a lot of cosmic series like Silver Surfer and Guardians, especially of Groot the tree alien. The colorful creatures clash with the dark setting of the bad guy's lair, thus heightening the contradictions. Some of the animals are drawn in a cute way to give younger readers something to be excited about, besides the talking tree people of course. 

As far as the story goes, in some ways it's interesting and in others it's a bit long and slightly boring. The characters are pretty well written but the villain went from purporseful to Skeletor halfway through the story. I think the plot could have used a bit more polish. I liked the references to Yoruba and Igbo culture in this comic, giving it a cultural life of its own.

If you're interested, or have young advanced readers who are, then you can find it on pre-order at their site here. I got it on Kickstarter 2 weeks ago so it might be a minute or two before it's on sale.


Another great work from YouNeek studios finds its way to my blog! I was quite happy with this sequel to Volume 1, though the art was a bit lacking at times and I wasn't a big fan of some framing. Still we got a lot of good story to complement the art and give us an idea as to what the hell is going on in Yorubaland and how the Corrupted animals got that way. Iyanu gets the obvious student choice: Complete the mission or save the beloved master? But first, she needs training at the hands of Biyu's village matriach. Answers will fly out of the page in this issue, but it isn't a lot of infodumping like other works. 

You can find Iyanu at the links here. In fact, you might even see it on TV soon.

Kisha the Demon Eater Vol.1

Haha! Spotted a continuity error! There's no train to Vicksburg! Let's just say I'm proud of my Amtrak knowledge!

Anyway, Kisha has two parts- a prologue which introduces the demon Kisha and the main story which introduces Kisha. They are not the same person, and then they are. It's not that complicated. 

Basically, Kisha the human goes with her friends into a demonic portal and she accidentally gets possessed by Kisha the demon. Now she must fight against the evil demons and demon hunters while trying to figure out her own powers and spirituality. 

Is this a New Orleans story? Yes, in fact it is. It's kinda set in the same world as the Crescent City monsters. The Grunch monsters are in the story and there's some mention of characters but the mains of both have yet to interact. That might happen in Vol 3, whenever the Dream Fury crew gets around to it. Vol 2 will certainly have our Nawlins schoolgirl killing machine fighting for her life in Kansas,

I found the art to be great in quality and framing. The mix of color in some pages really helps the scenes in which it appears. I'm not sure as to why they only colored some objects and not others but it did not distract from the story. This comic reads like a Big 3 produced work in terms of art. I hope they can keep up their high quality in future works.

You can find Kisha and Crescent City Monsters at this link

Crescent City Monsters Vol 1

This is the comic I talked about last time I wrote a review. It's quite large, at 128 pages, which gives the reader a lot to work with. Some people dislike B&W comics but I find the lack of color highlights the mystery and "off-ness" of a story. 

We start off with Jonas, a talented young musician playing the guitar in a blues band in Crescent City in the 1950s. I think it's the 50s. He has some magic powers but those powers go a bit out of control and then he gets captured by the Grunch- some sort of magical creature that lives in the hidden recesses of the city. There's a lot of those in the Crescent City.

We jump to present day and follow two kids Brittany and Box, two magically gifted kids who play the trumpet for cash on Bourbon street. They want to contact their long-dead parents but instead get to go on a magical adventure which leads to Jonas' escape. Missing for 50 years and zombified, Jonas must find himself again in Volume 2.

There's a lot going on and the artistic direction enhances the scariness and magical realism of the setting. Having lived around New Orleans, there are lots of superstitions I've heard over the years, most of which are nonsense BTW but it overlaps with some of the real-life horrors people have endured there. Life the racism, especially the racis cops. 

I think most anyone into horror comics would like this. 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can find a physical version on Blerd-ish

Kickstarter Comic Reviews: #thebigbatchpt1 

Dream Fury Presents! Vol 1

A few big books came in the mail today. They were real big, too! 86 pages and 114 pages! Too many for me to read tonight. Therefore, I’m gonna focus on a preview issue that came in the mail, Dream Fury Presents!.

This one reminds me of some preview comics Marvel released from time to time to promote the upcoming year in comics and preview some big events. I usually skip these, but when I saw the Daybreak guy, I instantly locked in. Daybreak is one of my favorite indie comics because it’s deliciously weird and good. The story was a bit short and kinda leads up to action in a follow-up issue, with Daybreak Merce having dreams again and following up the clues to New Orleans. While in New Orleans, he meets Jonas, the sorcerer type in Crescent City Monsters. Naturally, they don’t like each other. Wonder what will happen? 5 out of 5 stars.

The other story relates to Jojo, the younger brother of Jonas in Crescent City Monsters. He tries his hand at magic, and being the younger brother, it goes…poorly. Very poorly. The story and the art were great, though. 4 point 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m not sure where you can find this, as this came with the Kisha Kickstarter bundle. I’ll talk about it later when it appears on a sale site. But I believe you’ll only find it in giveaways for Kickstarters. Speaking of which, I’ll talk about Crescent City Monsters next week. See you then!

Meta 6 takes place in a futuristic Lagos in which a secret organization is kidnapping people and turning their bodies into cybernetic war machines. Think Terminator and Black Widow. Luara aka SPECTRE fights against the Bio Force to rescue her brother. Joining her in the fight are the Blue Man akak Worgen a human/alien hybrid experiment and Dami a citizen turned into a war machine by the Bio Force but he escaped, triggering the events of Meta 6 chapter II.

For a self-made comic I think the art’s pretty good. It’s not as polished as E.X.O was. The story lacked a deep panache but the characters have interesting backstories and good motivations. Sometimes heroes lack a deep motivating factor for being a hero. Here we see the reason clearly- they want revenge and want to preserve public safety against a deeply dangerous organization. I think the crew has made greater strides in their work and you can expect greater attention to detail and a more polished look in their graphics.

I’m not sure of Cosmic Lands will return to the story but they’ve got a great foundation. 3 out of 5 stars.

The next free comic on their site is Gold Bullet. It looks like a modern ninja story, what with the weapons and seriousness of the cover. But as you delve in, it turns into modern tragedy and THEN a sci-fi ninja story. A very good story choice, if you ask me. Harrison Ikenna is your typical city teenager- good at heart and cares for his family. One day after leaving college classes, his sister asks for help. Apparently she rejected some gang members and they tried to rape her. He takes on the gang but this leads to a fatal decision. A nightmare of a life awaits him as he is then forced into a secret organization known as the Chameleons, where he gets the code name Gold Bullet. Gold Bullet meets Spectre and the incident forces him to confront his crimes. Will he give up his life of murder? Or will the mysterious stranger who looks like him end him first?

These comics are a bit newer than Meta 6 and it shows. More attention to detail and better framing. Still not as polished as E.X.O or other full crew works. One thing I really liked in this comic (though he also did it in lesser amounts in Meta 6) was the inclusion of Nigerian slang and patois/dialect with translations. For non-Nigerians, it makes the dialog a lot more accessible and “real” than not including the translations. I also liked how the story linked with the Meta 6 storyline with the inclusion of Spectre. I wasn’t too fond of the ending and the new threat. It’s called “Harrison Prime” but I’m not sure if the story needs a Jet Li-esque “The One” storyline. Fighting the evil government assassin chain should be good enough. 3.8 out of 5 stars.  If you want to read them, they’re free at this link here.

As I mentioned last week, some of my Kickstarters were coming out. This comic Zufan #1 came from the Hawi #1-3 set that just came out. I haven’t gotten to Hawi yet since I’ve been busy. But a quick #1 issue fits my budget for this week and so I took a look.

Set around 150 years in the future, an African republic faces a stark challenge- partner with aliens to get weapons tech that matches the other nations around them, or be left behind and become easily conquered. Unfortunately, this is the plan of the colonial aliens.

Think of the story as a futuristic take on the early “Scramble for Africa” that the continent went through after the 16th century, with a better focus on the 1885 Berlin Conference. This shot here represents the conference in a Sci-Fi setting. If you’ve got 3 hours to spend on learning about the Scramble, I suggest this video from Jabzy. This is the playlist to all of his Scramble history videos. Instead of a dry historical telling, this comic is more of a history-thru-the-news and history-thru-character story. Zufan is a rising politician who recognizes the risks to her republic if they don’t get alien arms. Her husband rightfully recognizes that the aliens are no different from colonialists in the 1880s and partnering with them would make the republic a puppet state or worse. Zufan wins the election but signs a treaty with one of the alien races, the last one to sign with a human race. Think of the this part of the story as how African kingdoms must have felt when budding European powers started showing up with new weapons. The art was pretty good, though the cover doesn’t quite match what the point of the story is. I think the second image I shared is the more accurate cover of what is to come. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the paneling because it made reading difficult.

I give Zufan a hopeful rating of 4 out of 5 stars. An interesting concept meets historical realities. You can find it on sale here at

My month playing Elite Dangerous. HINT: I wasn't very 'elite'

June 2, 2021

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a space exploration MMO that I’ve taken to playing lately. It reminds me of my volunteer work on the PlanetHunters website, since I helped find many of those planets Kepler data had spotted. It was a team effort (more than 1 person had to acknowledge the find) but yes readers I DID MOST OF THE WORK!~ everyone else just copied off me. But they never respected MY GEINIUSSSS!

Anyway, Elite uses the real-life map of the Milky Way as the basis of the worlds. There are human factions and aliens and planets to land on, that kinda stuff. Also there are space stations and asshole pirates that knock you out of supercruise and hassle you for stuff. I mean, seriously? You really wanna pick a fight with me over my 1 ton of scrap?

I haven’t purchased the Odyssey DLC yet, but I will after they add more features and hopefully a Rimworld-esque experience.  So I’ve been cruising the bubble 200 light years from Sol, making…a lot of funny mistakes.

This is the diary of Old_man_Steve, a divorced pilot running from the problems he caused on Tau Ceti and the 15% monthly alimony check he owes. 

Incident 1: Tried Autodock. It crashed me into the rings of the station twice. I got billed for it. I don’t see why I should be forced to pay for damages that Autodock caused. Hell I can barely park the ship at this point in a Coriolis station but I don't hit anything.

Incident 2: I got yelled at for scanning government ships. But I’m in a damn Sidewinder! I don’t pose a threat. A Sidewinder is the starting ship and it's basically made out of thoughts & prayers.

Incident 3: I was using the Full Spectrum scanner when I found something called a Convoy Dispersal Pattern so I zoomed in. I heard man grunting sounds in the convoy signal and a woman saying “take it, take it like a boy”. Alright...found the freak fleet.

Incident 4: DSS probe hit a station that I aimed at by accident. Look I was trying to aim it at the planet but got a bit carried away. I guess it was cheap because I didn't get fined when it hit the station.

Incident 5: Couldn't blow up the drone in the practice round because I forgot to click H to target the drone. I spent 30 minutes shooting at this thing and couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. I bet the test examiner was shaking his head the whole time.

Incident 6: Ship bumped into my rooftop while I was trying to enter Coelho Station. Hey can’t you see I’m trying to park here? How do I get his number? I'm FLYING HERE I'M FLYING HERE! I want an insurance payout!

Incident 7: Went to bathroom in Supercruise mode. Came back 10 minutes later and I was going 1,350c and 10.2 light days away from the system I just finished exploring. Look I set the damn thing to 0.15c when I had to take a dump.

Incident 8: Got cocky and tried to fight an entire wing by myself. It didn’t go well.

Incident 9: I left the Pilots Federation District by accident because I thought the next world was part of the district. There was no sign. So there I was, with only 5.5 million credits to my name and a Sidewinder I forgot to fix, to face the Milky Way all by my lonesome. Sure hope this goes well. I'm sure the instructor doesn't want to see my dumb ass again.

Incident 10: Parked in wrong hanger deck and got yelled at by the station. Look I couldn't see the damn numbers! Gimmie a break!

Incident 11: Crashed into a nav beacon and now it’s ‘compromised’. Whoops...

Incident 12: Some jerkwad tried to fight me over 1ton of scrap I found at a degraded signal source. It's scrap! There's still plenty of it at that spot. Don't throw your life away over this, man.

Incident 13: While playing ED I was listening to Anton Petrov on Youtube and the ad came on so I looked away and clicked skip. Rammed a criminal in the Weapons fire zone. Started the fight. Boy was he or she confused. I won the fight, too.

Incident 14: Got interdicted 4 times in a system run by a gang but they couldn’t stop me. Look if this is too hard for you, then maybe you should leave me alone. Stop embarrasing yourselves.

Incident 15: Became allied with the Communists by accident. All I did was donate a little cash. They also seemed super stoked about all the planetary data I sold them. Hmm did I just start the Cold Space War?

Incident 16: I was about to swear at someone in the chatbox and the screen went from fullscreen to halfscreen somehow. I had to have hit some wrong button.

Incident 17: Pirates kept failing to interdict me. So now they wait until I’m scanning planet to get at me. They are really starting to get on my nerves.

Incident 18: Crashed onto the landing bay a few times. Why is it so hard to get the autodock to stop bugging me? Look I had the proper altitude and everything.

Incident 19: It took me 10 minutes to land because it never dawned on me that I was circling the base! Planetary landing are not easy for beginners!

Incident 20: There was a shootout in front of the Misfits of Science coriolis base. So I started shooting. Then they fined me. Hey everybody else was shooting! I want to challenge the ticket! Officer this isn't fair!

Incident 21: Almost crashed into the outpost because I was reading the Road to Riches site while cruising. Think I knocked over another lightpost.

Incident 22: The autodock tried to correct my landing on an outpost but instead got stuck on some sort of fixture. Took me a minute to unjam the thing. Autodock you're supposed to be HELPING me land, not getting stuck or smashing into rings!

Incident 23: I got 10 million for selling exploration data to a prison. I wonder what that really means...

Incident 24: Forgot to buy limpet transfer controller and limpets. I accepted to help someone and tried ramming him. But no fuel was transferred so I gave up and went somewhere else.

Incident 25: I used a lot of probes on that Earth-like world with lots of lights. They hit the planet at mach 50 or something. I'm sure there was no damage....maybe...

Incident 26: I was going too fast and the fuel transfer limpet bounced off the other ship. Look buddy, you wanted help. You didn't say 'competent help'.

Incident 27: The space communists really seem to like me. Seems like I get top credit every time I sell exploration data to their affiliated stations. Hey I got a lot of bills to pay. Why not?

Incident 28: Some punk Novice tried to fight me. So I flew by the space cops and they were VERY Happy to fight him for me.

Incident 29: I tried the same trick again in a Low Security system, this time shooting a lot of seeker missiles at the target hoping for an alpha strike. It worked...kinda... But I forgot which group my main weapons were and got beat up pretty bad. Good thing I was in the Diamondback Explorer.

Incident 30: Speaking of the Diamondback Explorer. it is REALLY loud with throttling the engine. I'm thinking of landing just so I can go outside and put in some sound masking foam. With a 4A thruster it sounds like someone shoved a Halo Elite into a bus engine. Whomp Whomp Whomp! That ain't soundin right...