Not sure when I picked this one up but it's been in my collection for awhile. I was hoping that a second issue would be out by now, but no luck. So it's been on the backburner for reviews while I wait for Kickstarters to come in. 

It's an interesting but only partially explained story. Dr. Nir Yeboah wakes up in a hospital after 3 month coma with barely any idea of how he got there. The last thing he remembers is getting out of his car to go to work in the lab. When he came in, he had terrible burns on his right side, with his hand terribly mangled. But now he can bench 900lbs and run 8 miles almost breathlessly. 

But the story ends before any clues come in for his mysterious transformation. And like the art, it's inherently forgettable. 

You can find this on Amazon or the Amaranthine Comics site here.