Ruby Planet Oz

Kickstarter Comic Reviews Part IV: 

Ruby from Planet Oz

At first glance, it looks like an interesting space opera/low fantasy mashup. Upon opening the book, I learn that it is a sci-fi redo of the Wizard of Oz. It’s certainly different enough to avoid copyright issues. There ain’t no singing and dancing in this one, no sir.

Ruby (the woman on the cover) was kidnapped from Earth and gets liberated by the Wizard. Together, they met up with the usual assortment of rebel characters from the original story. But it isn’t a one-for-one copy of the original story. Sure, they are going to kill the Wicked leader of the East of Oz, but hey she’s terrible. Who wouldn’t?

The art was really good, even better than I expected. The action was pretty well-framed, though the characters were a bit too chatty during the final fight. I wouldn’t have had an existential conversation in the middle of a firefight, but at least the text is easy to read. It reminded me of some Marvel & Image comics from the 90s, but without the glossiness or the blurriness common in those eras.

You can get a copy at Taurus Comics here.