I’ve been a fan of this series ever since the first strips appeared on the BlackScienceFictionSociety facebook group. It’s a tale we can all relate to- a high energy munchkin and their always-one-step-behind father. Reading this story makes me think of all the times I babysat my sister’s kids. I point at the pages and say “THIS WAS YOU GUYS! Y’ALL WERE JUST LIKE HER!” 

Think of it like a Sunday comics strip. The stories are self contained with an inciting set of blocks at the start, usually involving the girl, and the joke that explains the plot at the end. 

s George Gant continued his strips, his storylines and artwork became more complicated and fleshed-out. How much of the storyline is from his own experiences and from others is hard to say, but anyone who remembers their toddler days or early childhood can emphasize with her. You’re figuring out the world and when things happen you don’t understand, your mind jumps to bizarre conclusions. Like she does here.

Anyway, if you want a comic to share with loved ones that’ll make you laugh, I suggest you take a look at his website here: BewareOfToddler.