The Cobalt Princess

Spin-in/Tie-in novel to The Darfur 3 Saga!

A 'choose your own path' style adventure!

Pilli-nina, a teenage girl from a tiny village is forced to marry against her will. She runs away and meets Master Clyde Irons, a superhuman from planet Earth. She begs him to take her to Earth. He agrees... for a price: become a superhuman agent and fight in the War on Terror, or save people in need. You, the reader, will choose her fate.

After two years of fighting terrorists and natural disasters, she wants to go home. Her superhuman friends join her on the trip to planet Ernatho. Arriving home, calamity has struck her village. Her team of battle-hardened superhumans must find and stop the menacing threat stalking her country, before it destroys them all.

But, Master Clyde has other plans for her and her homeworld.

A science fiction versus fantasy adventure from the mind that brought you Super Humanity Film School Slasher.