Odina #1

Odina is one of the signature Konkret characters, and likely their star character, but can she carry the franchise? Let's find out. I read issues 1-4 to answer that question.

The art, especially the covers really pops out of the screen and the issues have that glossy new-comic look. The first issue had some art erorrs and mistakes in plotting that were corrected in future issues. But we don't really get the origin of Odina we could use. We get some hints, like her demon-based powers. Her origin seems related to the main threat she's fighting with the Kush gods to defeat the evil hybrid queen. But will she survive against Lady Tiye to find out? She got some training but Lady Tiye is a powerhouse.

Odina's a bit of a snarky jerk which is different from other woman-power comics. It's a little off-putting considering her age, but there's some charm to it. Don't let it put you off from her comic, though.

You can find Odina and others at https://www.konkretcomics.com/ 

Kandake #1

It reads like a Wonder Woman copy, but it isn't. It reads more like a mix between Black Adam and Malika, to be honest. But is it a fun read, or serious historical critique?

Amani Renas, the last surviving Kandake warrior of the ancient kingdom of Kush, starts the issue wandering the ruins of the capital. Her kingdom destroyed, she was in purgatory, but it doesn't quite show that in the issue. She stumbles across a village being attacked by a new enemy- the militia. 

She has some sort of magically enhanced strength though its range is not clear. She's part of the Konkret universe but is not certain of what her role should be. She needs to find herself in this modern world of new heroes and forgotten gods. 

The art of the comic is pretty impressive. The framing, the action moves, the stills all give the comic a polished, semi-modern look. The way they draw is very 90s and pre-heavy digital era look. I think fans of that era of comic (the good ones not the bad ones) would like the artistic spread and angle of this one. Fans of African focused comics will like the focus on Kush and other ancient kingdoms.

There are other comics in the Konkret line that I've covered before. I've covered Akolyte on Talk About It Tuesday and liked it enough that I might buy more in the series. I'm not 100% this will be as successful as their other comics, but they're treading new ground with her, so we'll see. Odina's been around for awhile too so we'll see how they separate her from Kandake. 

You can find Kandake and others at https://www.konkretcomics.com/