By the Time I Get to Dallas

By The Time I Get to Dallas #1-3

This series came my way through the Zufan pack, then I saw #3 was available and just had to splurge on the $7 to get it. It's not something you see every day- a well written non-zombie comic. 

The main character is crushing it in residency in Boston, but the world around him falls apart as billions of people around the world receive the strange 'call' to go to Dallas for some reason. In the first issue, they talk about a mysterious skeleton found at an oil field, which was buried too far underground for native style practices. Rudy witnesses his girlfriend's suddenly leaving for Dallas and become one of the 'travelers' unable to stop themselves from walking to Dallas. Even pain is not enough and they react violently when blocked. So what can Rudy do? He's been kicked out of medical school, his GF is MIA, his family's already dead, and suicide seems like a good idea. He decides to get to Dallas and on the way he finds other people who want to go there too, perhaps to find a cure. 

The artwork reminds me of Walking Dead and Y the Last Man for some reason. It is quite the gory comic and the artwork does that pretty well, though I feel the paneling needs some work. I think because this comic was designed for the page and not the PDF, the paneling doesn't convey the story in the way the author intended. Nonetheless, it's still ongoing and #3 showed improvement.

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