Hawi 1-3

Here we go- a big name comic drops in my lap at long last! Is it as good as Saga? Why do people keep asking that? They haven’t published in like 2 years or something. Etan’s been active for at least that long!  Before I get into the story, I wanna talk about the art. It looks and feels like a professional comic from one fo the big 3. The first comic had good art but not great and they upped their game in #2 and 3, especially in framing and blocking. I really liked the way they drew some parts of the powers introduction scene in issue 3. But another reason why I included this frame above was to talk about the story and how the art paces and enhances it.

So in the frame below, Enmet is the main character on the left and the woman on the right is her friend and coworker at this lab. Naturally they both understand how us English speakers butcher non-English names. We really need to add phonetic symbols to our writing. Yes, you’re probably saying “But Steve- you were calling her Emmitt the whole time.” And you’re correct but it was funny. At any rate, this is a comic from Ethiopia and the storyline takes us through her struggles to find her past and her mother when she gets kidnapped by the bad guys in Addis Ababa. 

Now it’s time to be more clear about my feelings for the story.: I find it a bit tried-&-true and took greater interest in the scenery of the “other world” Enmet’s father came from and the Ethiopian folklore sprinkled throughout the story. That’s not great, per se, as most people are drawn to characters than background and scenery. But you really breathe in the world in the early comics anyway and develop a fondness for characters along the way. Perhaps you will grow to like both, assuming you can figure out how Legasse survived.

If you want to check out the Hawi series, you can find info on the comics here. They’re a good company and I certainly look forward to seeing more of their works. Of course, they put my name in their supporters page and that always makes me happy, lolz.