Cosmic Land Studios

Meta 6 takes place in a futuristic Lagos in which a secret organization is kidnapping people and turning their bodies into cybernetic war machines. Think Terminator and Black Widow. Luara aka SPECTRE fights against the Bio Force to rescue her brother. Joining her in the fight are the Blue Man akak Worgen a human/alien hybrid experiment and Dami a citizen turned into a war machine by the Bio Force but he escaped, triggering the events of Meta 6 chapter II.

For a self-made comic I think the art’s pretty good. It’s not as polished as E.X.O was. The story lacked a deep panache but the characters have interesting backstories and good motivations. Sometimes heroes lack a deep motivating factor for being a hero. Here we see the reason clearly- they want revenge and want to preserve public safety against a deeply dangerous organization. I think the crew has made greater strides in their work and you can expect greater attention to detail and a more polished look in their graphics.

I’m not sure of Cosmic Lands will return to the story but they’ve got a great foundation. 3 out of 5 stars.

The next free comic on their site is Gold Bullet. It looks like a modern ninja story, what with the weapons and seriousness of the cover. But as you delve in, it turns into modern tragedy and THEN a sci-fi ninja story. A very good story choice, if you ask me. Harrison Ikenna is your typical city teenager- good at heart and cares for his family. One day after leaving college classes, his sister asks for help. Apparently she rejected some gang members and they tried to rape her. He takes on the gang but this leads to a fatal decision. A nightmare of a life awaits him as he is then forced into a secret organization known as the Chameleons, where he gets the code name Gold Bullet. Gold Bullet meets Spectre and the incident forces him to confront his crimes. Will he give up his life of murder? Or will the mysterious stranger who looks like him end him first?

These comics are a bit newer than Meta 6 and it shows. More attention to detail and better framing. Still not as polished as E.X.O or other full crew works. One thing I really liked in this comic (though he also did it in lesser amounts in Meta 6) was the inclusion of Nigerian slang and patois/dialect with translations. For non-Nigerians, it makes the dialog a lot more accessible and “real” than not including the translations. I also liked how the story linked with the Meta 6 storyline with the inclusion of Spectre. I wasn’t too fond of the ending and the new threat. It’s called “Harrison Prime” but I’m not sure if the story needs a Jet Li-esque “The One” storyline. Fighting the evil government assassin chain should be good enough. 3.8 out of 5 stars.  If you want to read them, they’re free at this link here.