Crescent City Monsters

Crescent City Monsters Vol 1

This is the comic I talked about last time I wrote a review. It's quite large, at 128 pages, which gives the reader a lot to work with. Some people dislike B&W comics but I find the lack of color highlights the mystery and "off-ness" of a story. 

We start off with Jonas, a talented young musician playing the guitar in a blues band in Crescent City in the 1950s. I think it's the 50s. He has some magic powers but those powers go a bit out of control and then he gets captured by the Grunch- some sort of magical creature that lives in the hidden recesses of the city. There's a lot of those in the Crescent City.

We jump to present day and follow two kids Brittany and Box, two magically gifted kids who play the trumpet for cash on Bourbon street. They want to contact their long-dead parents but instead get to go on a magical adventure which leads to Jonas' escape. Missing for 50 years and zombified, Jonas must find himself again in Volume 2.

There's a lot going on and the artistic direction enhances the scariness and magical realism of the setting. Having lived around New Orleans, there are lots of superstitions I've heard over the years, most of which are nonsense BTW but it overlaps with some of the real-life horrors people have endured there. Life the racism, especially the racis cops. 

I think most anyone into horror comics would like this. 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can find a physical version on Blerd-ish

Kickstarter Comic Reviews:

Dream Fury Presents! Vol 1

A few big books came in the mail today. They were real big, too! 86 pages and 114 pages! Too many for me to read tonight. Therefore, I’m gonna focus on a preview issue that came in the mail, Dream Fury Presents!.

This one reminds me of some preview comics Marvel released from time to time to promote the upcoming year in comics and preview some big events. I usually skip these, but when I saw the Daybreak guy, I instantly locked in. Daybreak is one of my favorite indie comics because it’s deliciously weird and good. The story was a bit short and kinda leads up to action in a follow-up issue, with Daybreak Merce having dreams again and following up the clues to New Orleans. While in New Orleans, he meets Jonas, the sorcerer type in Crescent City Monsters. Naturally, they don’t like each other. Wonder what will happen? 5 out of 5 stars.

The other story relates to Jojo, the younger brother of Jonas in Crescent City Monsters. He tries his hand at magic, and being the younger brother, it goes…poorly. Very poorly. The story and the art were great, though. 4 point 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m not sure where you can find this, as this came with the Kisha Kickstarter bundle. I’ll talk about it later when it appears on a sale site. But I believe you’ll only find it in giveaways for Kickstarters. Speaking of which, I’ll talk about Crescent City Monsters next week. See you then!