Is'nana Series

The crew behind Is’Nana always bring great comics and this one is no exception. It’s geared more towards teens but not as heavy in messaging as their previous issues. It continues the ongoing storyline but doesn’t move the plot. 

4.2 out of 5 stars.

You can find Is'nana The Ballads of Rawhead & John Henry at

Is'Nana Drums of Ogoun 

Here's another favorite character of mine on the indie circuit that has returned. Technically speaking, Is'nana never really went away. I didn't read the children's stories even though it had a crossover with the girl from Beware of Toddler. So it's good that it came back with a more mature storyline, of sorts.

Is'nana is plagued by nightmares. Instead of getting answers, he gets dragged to the shadow realm and has to fight warriors of Ogoun, the Haitian god of Iron and War. There is an ulterior motive behind Ogoun's actions but Is'nana is not a Viking. He actually doesn't like fighting, even if he has to do it a lot. But Ogoun's not the only god interested in him, as the God of Love Freda has her own plans. But are they the source of his nightmares? 

The art showed a bit of improvement over the last issue I read. The characters felt more consistently drawn. However, there is a big BUT here, the comic is split in two with two different styles to give a clear difference in the interaction between Is'nana and the Gods. The Ogoun comic is brutalistic and grounded with intense colors, while the Freda comic is amazingly vivid but softer toned as well. I think it works well to better convey the mood of both scenes but others may not like it.

It literally came off the presses on Kickstarter but at some point, it'll be available at his usual spot at Peepgamecomix.