Shuri by Marvel

Shuri 1-10 

Shuri got her own series for a while after the events of the Black Order invasion of Wakanda and died for awhile, then it ended when Empyre started up. So, think of it as a "sandwich series" between the 2 big Marvel events. I think that limited the storytelling output of the series a bit, but how much depends on your understand of Empyre and Wakanda World.  Helmed by Nnedi Okorafor, she takes Shuri on a whirlwind tour of Wakanda's majestic plains, terrifying mines, the Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot's mind, and Brooklyn. Basically, Shuri is running the country while her brother and possible mutant boyfriend are stuck in space. The elders want her to take on the role of Black Panther again, which made her a bit of a jerk last time, and she died. So she's like "Yeah, no, sorry. I've got ancestor powers now and super-science. Miss me wit that BP crap." Unfortunately, her attempts to rescue her brother lead to a space insect causing problems for the kingdom and Storm gets called off the bench to help her out. 

  I found the art to be pretty good and quite colorful. Though, I wasn't a fan of the way they drew Storm, I enjoyed her flowing white hair a bit here. Some paneling was really good but some of it was bleh and I felt myself rushing through to get to better parts of some parts. I liked the interactions with other heroes, especially her team-up with Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel. Another thing I liked was the mention of various real-world african foods and places. It would certainly entice a reader into looking up some of the things mentioned by the characters, and how Wakanda's isolationist style is seen by the struggling African nations.

  I wasn't so fond of the end of the comic book, which kinda clashed from what I remember of the previous iterations of Shuri. I think she would've iced the space cricket rather than try to save it. That might be how Marvel wants to play her character like her movie counterpart, or how Nnedi Okorafor decided to portray her. I don't know- it's just something that bugged me. Either way, the author made a compelling ending and hinted at the rough events to come. Did make me want to read about the other BP comics? Hmm, kinda, but I already read the bulk of them and the movie changed so many things.

  Perhaps I need to accept that this is a Shuri for the next generation of readers, not for my generation. Maybe when BP2 comes out, Marvel will produce more Shuri comics, assuming it does well at the box office. I think, if you're a patient reader, you'll probably enjoy that series- especially if Nnedi Okorafor is helming it again.