We start with a cold open to a family escaping from a plantation in pre-war Charleston. Obviously a difficult endeavor at any time gets compounded by the husband being afraid of horses. His child makes fun of him for this, which adds humor to the dark tone of the story. When the wife arrives with a carriage, they’re primed to escape. Which, of course, is when vampires employed by the plantation owner show up. Because of course they would hire monsters of the night! They’re plantation owners so they’re automatically evil (it’s true).

Harriet Tubman shows up to save the besieged family from the pack of four vampires, but they’re not the only vampires out there tonight. Harriet is cold, sassy, and tough as nails- everything you’d want in a vampire killer. Her gear is quite interesting, but I have a feeling we’ll get into that, if she survives book 2. 

Recently, according to the NY Public Library, the comic has been greenlit for a TV series. Hopefully not TNT; they screw everything up. I get the sense from the comic that the show could be a mix of Supernatural and Buffy. But we’ll see when the final product makes it to the small screen. 5 out of 5 stars. If you’re interested in reading this comic, swing by Kickstarter or his website.