Kickstarter Comic Reviews: #Vengeance 

Mrs. Vengeance finally made it to my inbox. I admit I’d forgotten about this as I was more psyched for Nightfall and Horsemen. But I was happy as soon as I opened this up. I’m familiar with Limitless Comics because I’d reviewed a few of their works for the review show.

The art is amazing. The B&W styling goes well with the noir-ish theme of the story. The “Black” the “White” the shades of gray of morality, are all reflected well in the art. I think a color issue would have hurt the mood since it was such a dark story.

I wasn’t a big fan of the framing and some of the shading. It made some parts harder to understand than others.

I’m not sure of the story. There might be easter eggs to other Limitless Comics in this series (there were 3 on kickstarter) but I didn’t notice any. I liked the plot point of a ghostly human working with others to stop crime. I wasn’t a fan of the whining about DeBlasio cutting back on the NYPD. Maybe in the comic book universe the NYPD is more competent, but in ours they ain’t exactly good regardless of their funding levels.   They certainly weren’t a factor in this series. So why are the characters complaining about them when even Jon Oliver can point out how bad they are?

The story itself revolves around a kidnapping ring hitting the Big Apple and the main character Eddie and others forming a team working for a ghostly character who can phase through walls and shoot guns. Eddie and his colleagues are suicide victims who got a second chance of life thanks to Mrs. Vengeance’s help. It’s a unique story point which I haven’t seen before. Props to them for that.

If you like Sin City style comics with ghosts doing John Woo stuff, you’ll like this comic. 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find it at Kickstarter.