Other Works

These are original tales released for my Wattpad and other audience.

I am focusing on comedy horror, sci-fi, action, and shifter comedy.

Finally, Star Trek the way Gene Roddenberry always wanted it to be: a shonen fighting anime! Star Trek gets a DBZ style update in this period piece between TOS and TNG.

On a remote research colony called New Busan, Federation civilians eek out a life next to the Klingon and Romulan neutral zones (the galactic equivalent of being too close to wrong side of the tracks). One day, refugees from outside the Federation show up and the colonist must adapt to their presence. Unfortunately, so do the Romulans, forcing Humans, Cardassians, and Klingons alike to take on strange new powers and fight for their right to live. Can they defend their colony against the Federation's greatest menaces? Or will they kill each other first? Tune to this season of Dragon Ba...er, Star Trek: Colony

The camera won't hear your killer scream....

Genre: Horror

Length: Short Story

One of my Tales from the Crypt story ideas.

This story was adapted from an African joke list (Country of origin unknown) and takes place in a desert town in the US.

Two children steal some toys of a famous toy line called "Souls". Unfortunately, some of the townsfolk are... superstitious.

One of my Tales from the Crypt show ideas.

Dr. Camacho has become the go-to guy for the medical needs of the shifter community of Elk Grove. An immigrant who studied his way into medicine, his night clinic will treat anyone with ANY problem. He is joined by his girlfriend Tanya, a human who hunts rogue shifters, and Lucas, a vampire DJ and his roommate.

Urban Fantasy with a touch of Seinfeld humor.

The hero we deserved: Rimworld spoof

Jonny "Ballz" Espoto is being chased by space pirates across an unexplored planet. He calls for help and a colony of friendly survivors agree to take him in. Can he become the hero they need? Or will his 'douche-bro' tendencies get in the way? Will he even survive long enough to help them, what with all the random plagues, raids, and volcanic winters that occur? Completed 2/14, Valentine's Day.

Genre: Video Game Comedy. Length: Short

Boss Panther is stuck on a Rimworld with a bunch of lousy pirates. Basically, his camp is the source of all your haulers/organ farms/human meat/target practice.

War Comedy.

I hosted a weekly content review program on the Black Science Fiction Society channel called Talk about it Tuesdays. You can view episodes in the series by checking my blog or by clicking the link here.

The purpose of this show is to showcase member works of all kinds. I review novels, anthologies, magazines, comics, short stories, audiobooks and even feature-length movies. Members of the BSFS generate a lot of content and so far, it's been really good.