Dark Side of Seoul Vol 1 and 2

I admit that it's a bit late in the year for scary stories, but as you might already know, February is a common release time for horror movies. So, why now for horror comics as well? Actually, it was late, but better late than never, eh?

I read the first issue two years ago. and while I didn't cover it, it made a big impression on me. I've read and heard various ghost stories related to actual events in Korean history, and while only a few have been made into movies/Netflix shows, the ones in these comics have not. They are tales from the ghost walk of Seoul, something I recommend for any tourist in the city. 

The tales are part morality and part historical fantasy. Vol 2 seemed to cover more abusive men than Vol 1 did. There was definitely a change in art as well, with new artists in Vol 2. I think B&W comics do not lose anything, for in the colored medium we expect greater things. As such, Vol 2 seems a big more Manga-ish than Vol 1 did. While the art was better overall, I liked the paneling a bit more in Vol 1. 

Overall the stories are not particularly scary in vol 2, but I wouldn't recommend them for young children. They might get ideas, you see? Ideas about...revenge...

If you're interested check out the website Dark Side of Seoul for comics and podcast, or to book one of their tours!