Marcie's Marvels

Non-kickstarter comic review: 

Marcie's Marvels

I think this is a kind of ‘tribute' comic’ meant to memorialize a person or group. Sometimes comic book companies memorialize an event or an industry great. There’s some kerfuffle over DC and whether they’ll make a tribute or fundraiser for the creator of Static Shock. Anyway, in this delightful action-filled short, we follow Marvels? I didn’t see the character’s hero name. Marcie is the character’s name. She plays a young woman who fights crime after school with mutant powers and a super suit given to her because…reasons…

You can find Marcie's Marvels at Bill's site:

The main focus of this comic’s action is the search for missing kids in the Chicago area. Some kinda Russian gang is kidnapping kids and the police are stumped so a desperate cop contacts Marcie and gives her some tips. Marcie flies around the city following the leads until she encounters the main villains. Unlike the Hulk and other bulletproof or hard-to-hit heroes, she has to think strategically to avoid taking many hits. So we see a bit of that in action but as is common in comics and real life, plans don’t survive first contact with the enemy.

I’m not sure what the plan was for this comic- whether it was for the MJR’s press pack or a tribute or for future sale. Regardless, the art was really good and the styling and plotting made me think of some classic crimefighter comics from the 40s, minus the cheesy dialog.

I can’t say I ever met Marcie, the comic in whose honor this was written, but I think she would be proud and honored to have something so nice, compact (in a good way), and satisfying made with her in mind. Now it is up to the rest of us to be the Marvel in our village children’s lives, to step up and save them from danger, and keep the dangerous people away. If this comic inspires you to child advocacy, click the picture above and read to the bottom. The link to the group is there.