Niobe and Dura

Niobe and Dura #1

Following the Niobe series has been a challenge. The reading order on the website is a bit of a mess and it's hard to know what's new, plus Jones habitually releases flashbacks. So it's a little easy to jump into the story, it's hard to know where exactly it is going. Stranger comics didn't publish much during the pandemic but the company continued with StrangerCon and other events, so I knew the line wasn't dead. Haven't heard anything about the cartoon on HBO but with restructuring there I'm giving up on it. However, today's comic came my day due to their Free Comic Day promotion.

We return to the world of Asunda by looking at Niobe and Dura #1. Here, Niobe's village is attacked and she is pursued by a hostile named Vastar, an agent of the Untamed. Vastar knows Niobe's father and wants to take her back to him as part of the end-of-the-world threat but Dura, one of the creators of Asunda, comes to the rescue.

The art remains a good selling point of this series. While it's not super glossy or detailed, it retains a solid polish and refinement you typically see in the series. The paneling works with the story really well, and the character art remains top-tier. Fans of the previous issues will be pleased with this one.  

The storyline for this one is not too complicated but I suggest reading Essessa and Morka Moa first to get the background of this story. Though in future issues, he might cover more background of Asunda and Niobe's origin. I just hope it doesn't clash.

You can find Niobe & Dura #1 for free at The Stranger Comics.