How to reach the author

The author, while not as shy and cloistered as the humble black rhinoceros, is not the easiest person to reach. This is due to the fact that he doesn't live in the Continental United States. Providing a phone number is useless (since he'll be asleep when you call), so if you wish to reach him directly, please fill out this form. 


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Why they are getting in touch with me? Hopefully not to touch me with their fists.
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Other haunts

You can also indirectly contact the author at the following websites where his presence is currently (as of mid 2017) tolerated:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles (username Old_Man_Steve2016

Steam gaming (username Old_Man_Steve1

Black Junction social website group (WritersAuthorsBloggers Promo)

Goodreads (OldManSteve1)

Black Science Fiction Society (StephenAlexander)