Talk About it Tuesday / Robots of Brixton

One of the club's members found this oldie but goodie from 2011. It actually is a goodie because it was nominated for many awards at the time and even io9 the sci-fi news site talked about it. Basically robots serve as a stand-in for immigrants and their battle against repression in 20th century Britain. 

Brixton suffered several riots, most of which trace back to the actions of Margaret Thatcher and the Tories in the 80s. But the simmering resentments in the community of Brixton really started after the economic downturn in the 1970s. This is partially conveyed by the way shacks and other buildings are attached to the real-life buildings on the street, like parasites. These robot communities are run-down and rusty and so are the robots themselves.  

So, do Androids dream of nature? It seems like it here. But unless a robot has the sensors for it, it will never feel the grass touching its bare feet. A sentient robot may understand and like nature but it will never feel it the way an organic would- unless you give it the sensors to do so.  

Check it out if you got around 10 minutes to kill. And then read the wikipedia article on the Brixton riots.  

Talk About Tuesday / Queen of the Kola Nuts and Silent Stories

Some of the BSFS members made interesting arthouse genre films. I decided to take a look

For Kola Nuts, I didn't give it a score since I felt it was unnecessary. An explanation seemed appropriate since the themes were hard to understand without some background. Rather, I feel like it should be part of a display about Kwanzaa or Afro-American art. I would have it running on a loop in an art gallery. Seeing Kwanzaa film art was a first for me and I give props to the studio for doing it.

I reviewed the first film in the Silent Stories series since I felt it was indicative of where Director Fernandez wanted to take the gnre. I wasn't expecting background sounds. Silent is supposed to be silent, and you rely on added effects or orchestral accompaniment. But he likes to bend genres so it became a no-talkie instead. 

I haven't seen New Jack City since the 90s. I'm pretty sure Wesley Snipes was wearing a suit. He pretty much always does in every movie he's in, except Blade, the Expendables, and To Wong Fu. Anyway I'm rambling. Point is that's still a dapper suit. He was ready to appear in Boardwalk. 

I've been mildy sick all month and boy does it show in today's recording. I think it came out pretty well regardless but I flubbed a few words. Next week should sound a bit better.  

Talk About it Tuesday / Niobe and the world of Asunda

The world of Asunda is awesome. But it is awesome enough for HBO? Well HBO thinks so. The comics are certainly interesting but is there enough for HBO to create another Game of Thrones? This is where things get tricky. I assume they are interested in a many season epic in the video. But they might be interested in a three season epic. It really depends on how they cut and interpret the books and that's where things get tricky. 

There's a lot to work with here that can stretch the length of an episode (and season) but there might not be enough to set it up for a 13 episode standard season if that's the path they want to take. Let's say they take all 5 books at once and intersperce scenes within each episode. That's a bit tricky because the books have different timelines. So it would make more sense if they are arranged one book at a time. But I can't quite figure out the order, other than The Untamed and She is Life being the starting comics and the others being after the events of She is Life. 

I'm sure the author and creators know what to do, at any rate. Let's hope HBO doesn't change what people like about the main character Niobe.