Talk About it Tuesday / Fight of the Century #1

I always wanted to do a fight announcer’s voice. I should’ve with Aceblade but it only covered one short in-ring fight so I didn’t think of it. But here, the comic covers the entirety of the fight so I have more opportunity and reasoning behind it.

I think the writer follows boxing/MMA and so he’s familiar with the seediness of the pro fight industry. I jumped on this theme and (correctly) stated that the UFC would descend into roid rage if steroids were allowed in the US. You know we’re gonna have monster men smashing each other around the ring as our main form of entertainment in the future! That and curling, of course.

Talk About it Tuesday / BattleDream Chronicle

I’ve been waiting to cover this movie for a long time. It was rotating through the film festival circuit and didn’t get released to Vimeo until mid to late 2018. Other than a few other BSFS products like Resistance, this was something I had my hopes up for. Did it disappoint? Did it live up to the hype?

I’m gonna go with kinda. The animation looked great and pretty consistent. The plot was a little hard to follow and the subtitles had a few errors- though I didn’t see as many as other reviewers did. The main characters are intense in battle and fun-loving in real-life (when the toxic air isn’t too bad).

I believe the main point of the story is to kill the slave within by freeing yourself from unjust shackles and fear. You probably won’t be able to do that literally like they did in a weird PUBG/LOL setting like this, but it’s still worth a try.

Now I’m curious about other Caribbean island and their animated products. What’s Montserrat putting out these days? Oh…it’s still recovering from that volcanic eruption I remembered. OK then. British Virgin Islands… what’re y'all rockin?

Talk About It Tuesday / Resistance: Fall of Philly

Happy New Year (insert fireworks here)! I kick off the New Year with an explanation of Resistance, a webseries I’ve been dying to see for months! Then I came out but I had other things like Deadstar to watch. So I finish 2018 on a high note by getting to explain this series.

The episodes are a bit short but the themes of fighting oppression and turning your master’s tools against them are ever present. The teaser trailer looked intense but the rest of the show had a slow-burn feel. It seemed like that was what the show was going for, more than a rip-roaring adventure like Colony.

Speaking of which, I’m kinda sad Colony got canceled, right when Wayne Brady showed up. Oh well…

Anyway, it’s partial vacation time and I’m using it wisely to begin another draft. I have to go cover shopping for my new project as well. What is it, you ask? Another fun project in the vein of The Bite Cleaner and The Hero We Deserved. It’s more of an action/comedy sci-fi than both works put together, but it’s a fun read rather than a for-profit read. So I’ll be hosting it on Wattpad and when it’s ready.

Like most things in life, you’ll know it’s here when it’s here.