Talk About it Tuesday / Deadstar Season 2

Even the director admits that he didn’t start the series quite the way he wanted. In Season 2, he makes up for it in some ways. Villains and heroic motivations are much clear and crystalized this season. The backstory took up more screen-time, but at least we figure out the girl’s reasons for escaping and appearing in the desert at the end of season 1.

Next week will be show #75. I’m hoping to have some new graphics by then. Wish me luck!

Talk About it Tuesday / Welcome to Boss Lady's Planet

I found this book when I saw a few of the writer’s Youtube writing advice shows on the BSFS Facebook group. I wanted to see if he was a good as his advice was. And yes, he gives good advice. I don’t know why he always records while driving. Isn’t that kind of distracting? Here in Korea, you’d hear me talking for 2 minutes then “WHAO CRAP!” as I dodge lousy traffic. Probably drop the phone a few times. I would get a ticket in the States if I did that.

Nonetheless, I was impressed with the novel, though it lacked some context and greater depth of character. It wasn’t his first novel so he avoided some of the pitfalls of new writers.

It’s always good to see writers practice what they preach and that seems to be the case here.

While you’re reading this, I’m in Nagasaki Japan, watching Lunar New Year events. The Chinese community here does some things that the Koreans do not during Lunar New Year, like dragon dances. I might do a more detailed write up about it later if it’s suitably noteworthy. Assuming I get off the streetcar at the right venue, of course.

Talk About it Tuesday / Fallen Sun

This week I look at a book that wound up on my queue somehow. I think I found it in the Featured Books page but I don’t recall exactly. No matter. It looks cool and follows a similar theme of superhumans at war like my Darfur 3 Saga. Unlike my books, it follows a squad as they fight a major war of survival against a human-ish adversary.

I mentioned the Bechdel test, which refers to the whether female characters talk about something other than the male romantic lead. Of course this book will pass the test. It’d be a hard one to film expressing the emotional turmoil of the main characters, but at least you wouldn’t have as many issues with the Bechdel test.

One of the best books I’ve read from the club and certainly one of the best female leads I’ve read in a long time. So I scored it much higher than most.

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Miyazaki Japan, taking pictures of stuff. And eating raw chicken. Because I’m an insane travel blogger.