Kadavu Island

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, my wife and I kayaked around half of Kadavu island in Fiji. 

Kadavu is an hour south of the mainland, and in the heart of tropical paradise. Coconut trees, placid waters (most of the time), beautiful reefs, amazing wildlife...You'd be hard pressed to find better tropical island beauty elsewhere in the world.



No TV, barely any Internet connections, some radio (Depending on your equipment and position on the island), few tourists, very friendly locals that speak English well. This is the kind of place people fantasize about. And best yet, very little plastic/garbage in the water!

Talk About it Tuesday / Messiah Wars

Even though the D'Norgia Taylor book wasn't that bad, I still find myself wanting to run away from anything in the Christian Fantasy/sci-fi department. But since I was suitably impressed by her book, I figured I'd give Messiah Wars a try. Hey, a BSFS member mentioned it, it's gotta be decent, right?

Turns out, I was right. 

We missed a Tuesday last week because the video guy was working on the Diversity track for Dragon-Con. That's a very reasonable excuse. I will see about combining episodes once this month to get back on track.