Writing is a lot like sculpting: you take a lump called an idea and hammer it down into something remotely pleasing to the eyes of yourself and an audience. 

Since you've come to this site, you must consider the works of this author to be sufficiently pleasing. If not, then the author will find out why in due time. 

My genres are: Action Sci-fi, Sci-fi vs Fantasy, Horror-Comedy, and Video Game Fiction. I also write travel and ESL teaching articles from time to time.


I'll start outlining my ideas for SuperWar, the next chapter in the Darfur 3 Saga soon. It should be out sometime next year. I've got 2 big projects in the works at the moment. One of which is finished with season 1 and I’m currently shopping for a cover.

Check the blog for my Talk About It Tuesdays book reviews and this page here for my completed review list. I’m 80% of the way to episode #100!

A friend went through my new project lists and chose the best idea for the next side project. I’ve been working on that while working on the other projects. I’m an idea factory !

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