These are original tales released for my Wattpad audience. I am focusing on comedy horror, sci-fi, and action.

Katalinks |

Katalinks |

Film school slasher

The camera won't hear your killer scream....

Genre: Horror

Length: Short Story

One of my Tales from the Crypt story ideas. 

© David Winwood | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© David Winwood | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The hero we deserved: rimworld spoof

Jonny "Ballz" Espoto is being chased by space pirates across an unexplored planet. He calls for help and a colony of friendly survivors agree to take him in. Can he become the hero they need? Or will his 'douche-bro' tendencies get in the way? Will he even survive long enough to help them, what with all the random plagues, raids, and volcanic winters that occur? Completed 2/14, Valentine's Day.

Genre: Video Game Comedy.          Length: Short

Cover by Unholyvault @dreamstime

Cover by Unholyvault @dreamstime

One for me, One for you

This story was adapted from an African joke list (Country of origin unknown) and takes place in a desert town in the US.

Two children steal some toys of a famous toy line called "Souls". Unfortunately, some of the townsfolk are... superstitious. 

One of my Tales from the Crypt show ideas. 


Boss Panther is stuck on a Rimworld with a bunch of lousy pirates. Basically, his camp is the source of all your haulers/organ farms/human meat/target practice.

War Comedy.