I dock the following things: bad grammar/punctuation, plot whiplash, too many sentences the same style, stray focusing, not understanding /overlooking character history, Mary/Marty Sue-ing without background and context (because nobody's that lucky for so long), too happy endings, hyper downer endings, and product placement.

Talk about it Tuesdays

I currently host a weekly content review program on the Black Science Fiction Society channel called Talk about it Tuesdays. You can view current episodes in the series by checking my blog or by clicking the link here

The purpose of this radio show is to showcase member works of all kinds. I review novels, anthologies, magazines, comics, short stories, audiobooks and even feature-length movies. Members of the BSFS generate a lot of content and so far, it's all been really good. 

If you're a member and want to submit a work, you can email me by clicking on the link below or messaging me at the society site. If you're not a member, you should join up! Membership is free! Link is above and below.


Completed Reviews

2019 Reviews

BattleDream Chronicle by Alain Bidard

Fight of the Century by Rexco Comics

 Is’nana the Werespider Vol 3 by Greg Anderson Elysee and Lee Milewski and Walter Ostlie

Fallen Sun by Harule Stokes

Welcome to Boss Lady’s Planet by Jeff Carroll

Deadstar Season 2 by Brandon Wright

Scorpio #1 by John Robinson IV

Dragon’s Heir by Glenn Parris

Shadow Wars: Homebound by Ursula Sinclair

LumberJax #1 by 4th Wall Pros

The Sacrifice of Knowing by Sharolyn G. Brown

Galactic Mandate by Rafael Richardson

Veneration Z by Chon Chon

Bounty-X Minddar “Flirt” & Bounty-X Minddar “The Muck” by Waoobake Artwork

The Land: Swarm by Aleron Kong

Kugali Anthology Vol 1: Raki Edition (18+) by Kugali media

Capoeira: A Tale of Martial Arts, Mastery, Mysticism and Love by Khafra K. Om-Ra-Seti

Semi-Human by Antoinette J. Houston

Kamikaze by Moving Ink Media

Niobe series by Stranger Comics

High School Chronicles #3 & #4 by Khaya Jacobs

Captain Corea by Forchyuk and Harris

Punishment of God (Shroud of Shadows 2) by Cedric Crawley

Queen of the Kola by Turtel Onli

Silent Stories (Youtube silent film) by Alex Fernandez

Robots of Brixton

Legends Parallel Issue #3 and Aceblade #4

Punishment of God (Shroud of Shadows 2)

High school Chronicles #3 and #4

Assassination of Truth & Black Liquid


Day Black (comic or book)

Book of The Anointed: (Saga of the Sons)



Extraction by Ronald T. Jones

Celflux Issue 2 and 3 and Winterman #3

Sunhawks Home Fires Burning series

Dialogue Prompt by Bryant Johnson

Aurora Chronicles of a hero

Terra Squad

Welcome to Boss Lady's Planet part two: What people will quietly submit to.

Evil Inc & the Horsemen pack

Angel Crush 1 by Violette Meier


Heroes International

Nadine’s Bible Vol 1 Star Seed Old Testament

Amazonia 1-6

When Night Falls


Kingdom Cold

King’s Bounty


Yasuke The Black Samurai (webtoon)

Brian Barr’s Brutal Bazaar

Haunted Planet

Becky (movie)

Shamen’s Destiny

Ken Jackson’s the Planet

The Adventures of De'Ante Johnson

The Extras by Imaginos and Above/Below

The Flash Season 5 ep 11 

Spirit’s Destiny #1 & #2


Black Salt Coreuption

The Gentlemen comics

Galactic Mandate: The Scream

Ruh Roh (Bill’s comic)

The City a cyberfunk anthology

Jungle Grrl (bill’s comic)

Orishas (check Amazon TV)

Nearly Home (tapas webcomic)

2018 Reviews

Resistance: Battle of Philadelphia by M. Asli Dukat

Cognitive Dis by Peaches Chrenko

Sword of the Free By Frank Yeiger and Wong Ko’e

Legends Parallel #2 by Bill McCormick and Dorphise Jean

Ultimate Voyages Through Language and History by Joe Pledger

Alex Fernandez’s Dawn:Season 1 by Pajarito Studios

Moses #0 by Carlton and Darrick Hargo

Enigma by Kimberly Moseberry

Wakanda Forever by…???

Age of Redd by M. Haynes

Black Magic Women by Sumiko Saulson

The Shadow Walker Chronicles by Oz Wilson Jr.

Deadstar season 1 by Brandon Wright

Safeguard by Ronald T. Jones

Champion by D. S. Brown

Aceblade 1-3 and mini comic #3 by Danny J. Quick

The Darkside Trilogy by William Hayashi

The Ghost and the Negro by Sylvester K. Folks

The Land: Alliances. Chaos Seeds book 3 by Aleron Kong.

Marvel's Solo #1-5 by Geoffrey Thorne and Gerry Dugan

Is’nana The Were-Spider, Vol. 1-2 by Greg Anderson Elysee and Lee Milewski and Walter Ostlie

Messiah Wars by Isabelle Brothers

Celfux Reluctant Heroes by Dixie Ann & Everard & Celflux Team

Highschool Chronicles Vol 1 and 2 by Melusi Msiza and Khaya Jacobs

Chronocar by Steve Bellinger

Runaways Sci fi Western (Film)


2018 Continued

Body Jumpers Resurrection by Alex Fernandez

The Peril of Knowing by Sharolyn G. Brown

Bounty-X Alfa by Waoobake Artwork

BlackComixReturns by John Jennings and Damien Duffy

Svarozic by Bill McCormick and Hadithi Sambaba Comix

Winterman 1 and 2 by Geoffrey Thorne

Last Prince of Alkebulan by Anthony Hewitt

Body Jumpers by Alex Fernandez

The Land: Forging by Aleron Kong

Urban Shogun Vol 1 and Vol 2 by James “Mase” Mason

Legends Parallel: Gorgon's Gate by Bill McCormick and Dorphise Jean

Legend of the Orange Scepter by M. Hayes

In the Days of Dread by Anton Marks

Vacuum Draft Flows by Arcellius Scott

The Talagxoan Particle Part 1: Shroud of Shadows by Cedric Crawley

The Signal by Marcus Stokes

If By Chance by D'Norgia Taylor

The Sunhawks Vol 1 by Iam Bennu

Mostly Human by Antoinette J. Houston

Tyranny #1-3 by AfroFiTV

BorderClash #1-4 by Bayindo Studios

The Land: Founding by Aleron Kong

Returned by Creative Genius Films

S.Y.P.H.E.N by Cortez Law III.

Chessmasters issues #1-3 by Insane Comics

2017 Reviews

Uncivil Unity by Jammad P. Gould Colony Ascension by Valjeanne Jeffers 

Common Men: The Last Watcher by Kirk Twyman Kingdom of Lethe by Tonya R. Moore

Genesis Magazine Summer 2017 edition by various authors Afro Sci-fi Anthology by Stafford P. Battle

Annulment by Creative Genius Films The Force #1 by Corley Manning and UGI comics

The Heaviness of Knowing by Sharolyn G. Brown Gods of Life By Shining Otaku Comics

Katharos By Beverly Toole Murder on the Eros Star by Lawrence Johnson Sr. 

Fear: The Dead Man Chronicles issue 1 by Ellis E. Fowler Keloid by The Black TV and Film Collective