Tibbs Malone (Wind) and Roger Archer (Rain), heroes of the Battle of Cleveland, were forced to graduate under duress from Helena US-EADI training facility. Yeah, they were hanging around those Darfur kids again. Just couldn't stay out of trouble...

The Sacramento Police Department, long in need of superhero liaisons due to their significant population of superhumans, immediately hire and train them. Both in their early 20s, they are the city's best hope for superhuman peace. Assuming of course, they don't leave the city in pieces.

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Current chapters

  1. Every Car Is A Stick Shift

  2. The First Case

  3. Is that covered by insurance?

  4. Help the girl, save the city, get a date?

  5. Never make friends with crazy

  6. Understorm

  7. The final hours

  8. The War

  9. Copper Hurricane

  10. Loyalty