A prequel novel to the debut series book Darfur 3: Superhumanity. Takes place between 2009 and 2011. 

Current Status

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Who or what is the Cobalt Princess?

Pilli-nina is essentially a runaway teenage girl. By sheer luck, she runs into Clyde Irons as he is looking for minerals along the riverbed. Clyde, in late 2009, had set up his training school for superhumans whose names he found in the archives he and Jamir stole from the Sudanese during the Battle of Khartoum (Super Humanity, Chapter 12). She is compelled to join the supers at the underground training school since he gave her powers. Despite the painful surgery and the sadistic training methods (fail and you'll be eaten by lions) she decides to stay.

Why a choose-your-own-path adventure?

I had both possible paths in mind when I was framing the story. I couldn't picture all of my readers liking both paths, so I decided to let them decide. Action people would prefer the hectic, fast paced action of the Path of War. Thriller and dramatic people would prefer the slow burn and thoughtful planning of the Path of Peace. One of the advantages of the Ebook format is that readers can click to decide which path they want to read.