The story begins when two brave heroes fighting the Taliban together in the bloody mountains of Tora Bora have a devastating schism. The young hero runs away to discover the limits of his abilities and learn the secret of 'root'. 

Armed with this new ability, he travels the world, fighting crime and gaining new powers. But, the forces of good are watching and chase after now. Operating in the shadows, he travels to Darfur where he rescues three children, victims of the brutal wars of Sudan in 2006 and 2007.

These 3 remarkable, dangerous, and clever children become the fighting power behind Darfur & South Sudan's victories in the civil war. Now, it's 2012 and their wars and rebellions are finished. The grizzled veterans are given a new challenge- learn to become superheroes in the United States. 

Unfortunately, malicious forces have other plans in store for the heroes and their friends at EADI-Helena. Can they overcome the lack of trust the Americans have for them and be the heroes the world needs to be?

Books are arranged in the following publishing (not chronological) order:


  1. Super Humanity

  2. The Cobalt Princess (Prequel spin-in)

  3. Super Prepared

  4. Super War Phase 1 (planning starts in Nov 2018 for Aug 2019 publishing)

  5. Super War Phase 2

  6. Super Savior

  7. Super Foolish (Prequel Novel)


The BIG 6 international team of heroes

Composed of 6 of the strongest heroes in the world, they are the world's premier hero team. Originally, they were a duo composed of Mr. Wrath and Red Menace, two alien castaways who decided to make Earth their home and protect the world. Their membership has expanded since superhumans started showing up. 3 of the heroes on the squad are Class Zero, meaning they have the power to blow up the planet single handedly. They are closely tied to the government and the EADI, often voting on matters related to super law, and institute matters. They receive a lot of money in endorsements and other financial deals. As such they typically get called in to fight supers or hostile alien forces.

Mr Wrath

Alien from a world that was destroyed by a virus, he fled to Earth. Since he didn't look much like Earthlings, he altered his DNA, changing his skin tone and height. The process did not alter his powers, but it rendered him unable to produce a pure offspring. With the rest of his people dead, he decided to live out his days on Earth, and was depressed for most of the 60s. He started feeling better after helping various humans out of jams and then read a few comic books. He became the world's first hero, stopping a few wars and helping save people from natural disasters. His power set is the same as his son's, who is a leading student at the institute.

Red Menace “Gribb”

 From a planet 800 light years away (Near Kepler-50 in the Orion Spur) “Gribb” admits his people are not from there, but he doesn’t say where, merely that Kepler-50 is in his neighborhood. He was in the neighborhood of Sol when he detected intelligent life and traveled to Earth. On the way, his ship hit something and he ejected and crash landed. After some unpleasant encounters with locals, he ran into Mr Wrath and after a brief fight, decided to join him and become a hero. With no way home and no means of communicating with his people (nearest outpost is 700ly) he has decided to make Earth his home and learn its weird ways.  His environmental suit (AKA e-suit) contains a blast shield, breathing apparati for hostile environments, various alien energy and kinetic weapons. He wears the suit like a costume, and uses its communications equipment to keep Big 6 members coordinated with the group.

Jenny “Zenobia the Warrior Queen” Barrister.

5’7”, from Yorkshire, England. She was one of the first people on Earth to develop powers after the “Great Flash” event in 1979. She was also the first to display multiple powers, a rare trait among supers who don’t have copy abilities or genetic engineering equipment. She manifested her powers at age 10 but didn’t display them much, until one day a super went mad and attacked her school. She fought him to a draw until Mr Wrath and Red Menace showed up. Mr Wrath realized that there will be more people like her than villains and talked the UN into finalizing their EADI system. She was the first to complete training through the EADI at their facility in Czech Republic in 1992. Her experiences and her classmates experiences led to training innovations throughout the UN’s EADI system, giving her unique experiences and understanding of what new supers go through. She used to wear a jumpsuit lined with Kevlar material but changed to a more historically interesting costume that was lined with alien alloys to provide better protection, weapon holsters, and be more stylish. Since she is a fighter, her costumes get wrecked more often than other female heroes and so she changes outfits frequently. The comedians call her the Costume Queen. Heroes who call her that get kicked in the balls but she merely laughs at the joke in the presences of regular humans. She is stern, tough, driven, and very conscious of the Superhero business rules, which she considers a nuisance to her interests in men and combat tactics. She teamed up with other heroes around the UK and Europe, and she joined Mr. Wrath and Red Menace in 1996, giving the team the moniker Big 3. Power set: Super strength, invulnerability to most kinetic damage, armored skin, healing touch power that is related to her invulnerability.

Michael “the tool” Lee.

Japanese American, from California. 5’11”, relaxed personality. Power set: Can turn into any machine or non-living object he touches that isn’t quantum based. His unique power set also allows him to turn into alien objects, provided they are not switched on. The North American EADI school he graduated from couldn’t figure out the source of his powers- if they were magical or not since it doesn’t make scientific sense. He takes in dark matter from the surrounding universe and converts it into extra mass to make the various materials that he takes on. In battle, he will turn himself into a weapon that Mr Wrath or Zenobia can wield or generate weapons and shields for himself. In another form, he is unkillable except by complete destruction of the form he’s in. He is vulnerable in his human form.  Joined the Big 3 in 1997, becoming know as the Big 4.

Jose dos Santos "Everywhere Man" Ventura

From Tijuana Mexico, 6’3”. His powers activated after being injected with cocaine from his father. The resulting teleportation activation wrecked the lab and killed his father and men. The Central American branch of the EADI detected him and got to the scene before the US branch did and took him to their branch in Guatemala. After recovering from the trauma and drug abuse, he went to school in Guatemala with several other students and graduated in 2002. He became Red’s sidekick for a few years, giving the Big 5 a teleporter option that they lost after Nightlight went to Afghanistan. He became a full fledged member in 2003 after a year of assisting with disaster management. He speaks English with the aid of a translator device Mr. Wrath built for him since his accent was terrible.

Jason “Running Man” Schneider.

From Canton Ohio. 5’8”. He is the newest member, who was forced to join due to business pressure (he is a popular hero) and copyright pressure (the sporting goods store threatened to sue in 2010) so the team could have 6 members. Somewhat shunned by Jose, Jenny and Michael, he came to be liked by the team's sponsors due to his energetic attitude and light sense of humor. His goal is to get Red Menace to laugh at one of his jokes, even though he cannot mimic human laughter. He can channel dark matter into his legs to boost his running speed above 100MPH. To go faster, he switches his legs from forward to backward (like the Arrival) and pushes power straight and down to reduce drag, allowing him to run up to 200 mph and maneuver really quickly.