Talk About it Tuesday / Scorpio #1

No, that is not a goth Harry Potter. Looks like it, though. The comic has an Asian American lead and black ninjas which is nothing like the cover. But remember, this is a #1, which means that you can’t quite make assumptions about the cover right away. Maybe we’ll see this individual in #2? Or maybe we already have?

The writer says that they’ve started on the art for #2, so I’ll be watching my Kickstarter updates to see if they make it or not. I hope so. The characters and fight scenes looked cool. I wanted more, but didn’t get it. Here’s hoping they make more pages in issue #2.

Talk About It Tuesday / Galactic Core #1

I keep finding great comics, great #1 comics at that. What I’m not finding is follow up comics. This comic had a great start. So when’s #2 coming out? I haven’t seen any updates on the Comic Republic site or the Facebook page. I hope it comes out soon.

I think the company is based in Nigeria; their site mentions African comics, they talked about the recent Nigerian election, and they have a Nigerian phone number. So of course they’re based in Panama *joke drum*

This is only the first in a few African based superhero comics that I’ll be reviewing this year. So yeah, I’ll be reviewing the next volume of High School Chronicles as well. I’ve been reading ahead and liking what I’ve got to read so far. Hopefully you will, too.

Talk About it Tuesday / Deadstar Season 2

Even the director admits that he didn’t start the series quite the way he wanted. In Season 2, he makes up for it in some ways. Villains and heroic motivations are much clear and crystalized this season. The backstory took up more screen-time, but at least we figure out the girl’s reasons for escaping and appearing in the desert at the end of season 1.

Next week will be show #75. I’m hoping to have some new graphics by then. Wish me luck!