Talk About It Tuesday / Victoria Black #1

It's Christmas (in the Western Hemisphere) today, but I didn't encounter any christmas works so I went with Victoria Black. Not that that's disappointing, since most Christmas products are really melodramatic or off-the-scale. But if you know of someone looking for a stocking stuffer that looks nice, then you can't go wrong with Victoria Black #1.  

I wasn't able to figure out what went wrong with the Powerverse thing, other than that the owners of the main company said that they had made some mistakes but had reorgnized. But other than this comic and the one published in Antarctic Press' magazine, I haven't seen any more of her. I think the Second Sight people are still active as of this writing, but I'm not 100% sure.  

In the meantime, I wrapped up The Bite Cleaner, season 1, with a cool cliffhanger. I got a few votes and went with ending #1. This means that I will continue the series with season 2 in the fall of 2019, probably after Halloween.  

I'm also almost finished with a genre novela I've been working on most of the year. I'll talk about it more after the first draft is edited.  

Next year, I'll look at a Christmas themed product. The group actually has a few lying about that I completely missed. If you remind me, that is.  

Rimworld: Diary of a pirate boss.

After my successful Rimworld story on Wattpad called The Hero We Deserved, I set up a poll on the forums for the game to decide the next storyline. Everyone died in the first one because Rimworld. There's an old saying about the game- the only safe place on a Rimworld is off it.

There was a tie between The New Oregon Trail and Diary of a Pirate Boss. I decided to go with the pirate boss storyline in diary format because I've never written diary style before and I really wanted Caravan Tales to win. 

Either way, it is my last Rimworld story for a long time- unless I get 5000 reads or something. 

The pirate boss storyline will be a war comedy story as a guy essentially forms a pirate base out of a rather large group of spaceship crash survivors. This is my genre of choice these days, until I finish SuperPrepared- or at least the outline, anyway.