Kadavu Island

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, my wife and I kayaked around half of Kadavu island in Fiji. 

Kadavu is an hour south of the mainland, and in the heart of tropical paradise. Coconut trees, placid waters (most of the time), beautiful reefs, amazing wildlife...You'd be hard pressed to find better tropical island beauty elsewhere in the world.



No TV, barely any Internet connections, some radio (Depending on your equipment and position on the island), few tourists, very friendly locals that speak English well. This is the kind of place people fantasize about. And best yet, very little plastic/garbage in the water!

New Zealand Festival Photos

I managed to get a halfway decent spot on a fence along the wharf to see the ships as they went by. I'll share some pics with you, my favorite readers.


These boats and ships are a celebration of Kupe, the Polynesian explorer that led the ancestors of the Maori to Aoteroa, now called New Zealand. He didn't go to Wellington on his first visit, as my Maori tour guide in Whanagerai was keen to point out. 

I liked the ceremony though it could have used more screens and speakers. I'll post more photos later in the week as I get more time. 

Vacation Return



Pokemon Hunter

So, one of the places I went to was a zoo-like park outside of Kota Kinabalu on Borneo. There were birds, snakes, orangutans, and Pokemon. You gotta be an extra special sorta person to want to climb into the crocodile nest or snake enclosure to catch a digital monster. But apparently, enough people were doing so at this place to warrant the sign. I wonder how many wanna-be Ash Ketchem's lost fingers and other limbs before this sign went up?

I have a few more pictures involving these signs and I plan to make some meme shots of them this week, after my new hard drive stops arguing with my old hard drive. Play nice, fellas!!!