Talk About It Tuesdays / The Signal

I caught up with some group emails and saw this in there and added it to the queue. 

This is why I love the group so much. I don' t HAVE to search for things to review; the products come to my computer. 

I like the styling and the aesthetics of the special effects. The director really got the differences between Risers and Lowers down pat, giving the movie an Elysium setting. I really appreciate the detailing, though I wish the same motivations could have been paid to the plot. 

It wouldn't have gotten as many strikes from me if the director had been more attentive.

Talk About it Tuesdays / Kingdom of Lethe

This week, I take a look at Kingdom of Lethe, an interesting Science Fiction short story by renowned author Tonya R. Moore. She is quite prolific as well. At some point, I'll have as many products out there on my Amazon/Smashwords page.

Memory is the subject of the story, and what happens when you get the tech to change memories. The author believes that one's personality can undo any changes in memory. Do you the reader feel the same way? 

Despite having to leave work early for a trip to the dentist, I was productive today. Got a lot lined up for The Bite Cleaner. I learned about character profiling as well, and am setting up the profiles for the characters. Once that's done, I'll start putting up episodes weekly. 

Talk About it Tuesdays / Genesis Magazine Summer 2017

In this week's review, I run through the five published stories in the Summer 2017 issue of Genesis Magazine. Our site uses Genesis a lot. Genesis Magazine, Genesis Radio, Hyundai Genesis, Genesis Auto Body Repair... yeah you get the idea. I'm not saying change the name, though.

Keep it, because we've already built the brand.

The stories in this magazine came out pretty well. They would have been better if Joomag wasn't so buggy. I had a lot of trouble using Joomag to read the stories. It wouldn't change pages when zoomed in and you had to be zoomed in to read stories. Feels more like a photo magazine program than a story magazine. I would consider using a better hoster in the future. 

My favorite story of the bunch was the last one. We humans refused to go quietly into the night and certainly felt up to taking it to the aliens. Take that, Independence Day!