I have two 2-week vacations in Jan and Feb this year. So far, I've been productive. I've completed two reviews, lined up the show's reviews through May essentially, and started writing my next 3 projects.

I also got more cover artists (since I think my artist got blown away in the windstorm plaguing Europe) and two of my book covers will be completed this week, if not sooner. I'll be showcasing them later this week when they come in.

I'm also looking for background music for the show, liven things up and that sort of thing. If you're a musician, I'd like to showcase your music on the show. Leave a comment here or use the contact page to let me know. 

Upcoming Reviews

  1. BorderClash episodes 1-3 (youtube video)
  2. Tyranny episodes 1-3 (youtube video)
  3. Mostly Human by Antoinette Houston
  4. The Sunhawks Vol 1 by Iam Bennu (comic)

That's my schedule through Feb. The show will post for the next 4 weeks. But I might do an episode while in New Zealand if I have time. I won't have my standard home gear, but I think I can make it work.

Front loading

I spent most of this vacation week getting reviews ready for the show. I read some really great works and I finally got some members to pass me some music to spice up the show. 

I'm going to cover these three stories:

  • S.Y.P.H.E.N (military sci-fi thriller set in Las Vegas)
  • Returned (Urban sci-fi thriller set in Atlanta) movie. With CinemaSins styling!
  • Chaos Seeds #1, The Land: Founding (book)

With the reviews out of the way for a while, I can spend more time writing stories. I've got ideas and they seem solid now. Like Megatron, I like it when a plan comes together.

Completion and Winter Writing Schedule

I've finally finished the manuscript of SuperPrepared! I'm happy with many of the fight scenes, but more work needs to be done to smooth out the character appearances. It might be ready by Christmas if I'm lucky. Gonna start cover shopping soon. 

I'm writing two new stories, probably for Wattpad, but I might be interested in other places. One is a vampire urban fantasy comedy, and the other is a spoof of 50 shades. I couldn't help myself. Gotta talk to the cover guy about these too.

My next big project will be titled The 6th Ship. It's my first Space Opera. It'll be a trilogy, or maybe more as I hash out the plot some more. It's another idea I've had bouncing around in my head that I want to get out.

I'm not gonna live forever, but my stories will. Unless they stink...