I'm still waiting on my book trailer. And my box of Nestle Crunch. I wonder which will get to me first? 

The Crunch bars should've gotten here already, but the box was smashed when it got to the distributor. Guess they sent an elephant out here and forgot to secure it well. Wonderbarr...

Dunno about the book trailer. The firm seems legit, so I suspect it's being made right now. Either way, I'm posting it here first!

Update: The poll didn't work, so I'm having a vote over at SFF Chronicles to see what they think.

Cobalt and other thoughts

This weekend, I decided to forgo a long trip and put nose to the ground, to get the formatting done for Cobalt Princess. Thankfully, while it did take all weekend, it did clear the Meatgrinder on Smashwords. I absolutely HATE the nuclear option, but it works. 

Today I'll get the file ready for Amazon, and get the metadata ready on that end. 

Also today I installed a new graphics card my uncle sent me from the States. It's awesome but it takes up damn near two PCi1x slots on my motherboard. Luckily I had a riser, and I hope this problem doesn't repeat when I replace the motherboard later this year. I don't play many games so the main reason I got the card was to prepare for future games and upspeed my science projects. But I lost out on 4 USB 3.0 ports as a result. 

Because of my hard word, I don't have to make many schedule changes, but I'm time delayed by the artists and voiceover crew. Until they get stuff to me, I can't make stuff happen. It's...yeah, be patient, Steve. Rome wasn't built in a day. 


My Fiverr artist got the skin color right, and the hair is pretty good, but the part under her lip is too shaded. I like how her hair is both puffy and straight. The skin coloring is no accident- it's a key part of the story. 


I was a bit annoyed with the Fiverr artists on this one, but I was out of revisions and still fairly happy with the results. He really got the tattoos down well. I wish he made the skin darker. Nabeela, the character drawn here, is from South Sudan. They are really dark-skinned.