Progress update and Amazon activity

I've finally finished chapter 12. Wow what a long one! Lots of action to coordinate with 4 different locales, 10 different main characters, and lots of wild powers. No wonder it took me a month! I'm hoping the next 3 chapters go smoothly so I can meet my deadline of finishing by October. 

I'm considering a new genre calling Erotic Comedy. I've got a few story ideas set up and I'll bang out an outline for it soon. Yes, that phrase was intentional.

Amazon has finally cracked down on the page read scammers, with a bunch of lawsuits. It's being talked about on CNET here. But a few people are skeptical because it's Amazon and they tend to trample on authors a lot, especially in regards to removing fake reviews. 

Smashwords sent all its author an email about various important topics, one of which was the Erotica guidelines involving Taboo subjects. Going forward, they've got a good solution and I wouldn't feel bad publishing my bad stories through it. I know some places won't take it, but Smashwords is a big enough name that I don't have a concern about losing a market.

I'll have more to say on it when I bang the book out. Yes, that was intentional.

Their new custom national pricing guidelines are out as well, which means I will adjust my prices for some books, for humor purposes.