Talk About it Tuesday / Dragon's Heir

If there’s one thing I learned about reading Sci-fi & Fantasy, it’s to expect the unexpected. You’re probably thinking “what could be out there that you wouldn’t expect at this point?”. And you’d be right… if I wasn’t consistently proven wrong.

Today’s episode is mostly one of those times. I figured I’d get a dinosaur story at some point. I figured I’d get an evolved dinosaur storyline. I did not expect an evolved dinosaur spy thriller. And that’s what we’ve got with this amazingly wild story by Glenn Parris.

While I liked the forethought he put into the book, I think he overdid it to some degree and made the dinosaur characters hypocritical. You don’t get to complain about human violence when you literally hunt each other in national parks and kill each other in Congress when people say things they don’t like. And the Iraq War II subplot kinda killed the mood and had me partially rooting for the humans.

Nonetheless it’s an interesting page turner that reminds readers of Star Trek; Voyager and Jurassic Park with a flavor of Childhood's End mixed in. So it’s not a mashup but you’ll notice a few themes.