Talk About it Tuesday / Niobe and the world of Asunda

The world of Asunda is awesome. But it is awesome enough for HBO? Well HBO thinks so. The comics are certainly interesting but is there enough for HBO to create another Game of Thrones? This is where things get tricky. I assume they are interested in a many season epic in the video. But they might be interested in a three season epic. It really depends on how they cut and interpret the books and that's where things get tricky. 

There's a lot to work with here that can stretch the length of an episode (and season) but there might not be enough to set it up for a 13 episode standard season if that's the path they want to take. Let's say they take all 5 books at once and intersperce scenes within each episode. That's a bit tricky because the books have different timelines. So it would make more sense if they are arranged one book at a time. But I can't quite figure out the order, other than The Untamed and She is Life being the starting comics and the others being after the events of She is Life. 

I'm sure the author and creators know what to do, at any rate. Let's hope HBO doesn't change what people like about the main character Niobe.  

Talk About It Tuesday/ The Land Forging

You can tell I'm a big fan of this series. It's not like I'm hiding it at this point. Which is why I space out reviews of the series to once every so often. Otherwise, I'd spend 3 months of showtime talking about it. 

Y'know what the Mist Village should do with its magic forge? Make cruise missiles. Lots of cruise missiles. Because fighting fair is not helping the cause and this edition shows why. If the enemy's not going to fight fair, why should they?

I already have Chaos Seeds book 3 in my queue and hope to have it up in August. Currently, I'm working on July's products with a wishful eye towards the next installment. Just another 3 products to go...

I'm also trying to get a big backlog of reviews set up so that way I don't have to rush things during a few mandatory break times. Unfortunately, this means I'm booked for the rest of the year. Seriously, my queue is two pages long. But if an author has a special plan, I can shift products around to accommodate a special request. Seriously thinking of going 2 days a week in the fall once I finish the queue. 

In the meantime, I'll be in search of the perfect margarita, which this story almost was. Some of the characters were a little too salty for my taste.