Talk About It Tuesday / Black Comix Returns and Bounty X-Alfa

It's a doubleheader day! Two interesting reviews for the price of one view!

Black Comix Returns is the best directory out there today. It's even better than the Yellow Pages! 200 pages of art and creator profiles. Perfect if you're looking for an artist. There are a few writers listed if I remember correctly. I read this a while back, so I don't quite remember the exact number of contributing writers. 

Bounty X-Alfa is really really weird. Once you get past the weird aesthetic of the claymation, you'll get the gist of the plot. I talked a little bit about the psychosocial aspect of a vag-monster, since I recall reading some long-forgotten article about it. In this case, the monster literally eats men(men?) through her vag. It reminded me of Aliens and Species to some degree. But it's free on Youtube so you'll find it within any budget.

If you want to see what's coming next week, click here. I've got a list up, like Santa Claus. Will it be naughty or will it be nice?