My brother's story

My brother, who is equally as insane as me, requested that I help him edit his novela. It's a bizarre horror story with shades of the lovely bones and that one movie I can't remember with the very specific ghost giving hints. Death note? 

Anyway, I'm thinking of where he would want to publish it. It seems pretty good for a novela, since I've only received half of the novela. But, it would be really short for a novela. It seems to fit a short story, or a series of short stories better. I'll have to talk about it with him some more. I'm curious to see what he chooses to do with it!

Format is important to consider, especially with how you write something. It decides how long you want to make something and what to focus the reader's attention on. I've got a shared universe to work with, and so I write long epic novels with lots of details. He's working with 2 main characters. 

May the best author win!