Talk About It Tuesday / Kamikaze animated

I found a really good, consistent webcomic that’s been around for years with really impressive art. Heck the season it won a Glyph was the season I read and covered for the show. It’s a pretty exciting story though I feel that the most recent chapters covers the hero portion of the story whereas I read the origin story and tone setters. The whole premise of the story is that Markeesha is the world’s first hero in 200 years after the apocalyptic wars or something like that. I don’t know what made the world into Trigun territory but the main character has to become a heroine working for Kamikaze because… I haven’t gotten there yet. But she does because of the Midnight Tales interlude.

There is an old saying; you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I think it’s supposed to be a warning on the fickle nature of public support but it could also mean that to be a hero you have to die as one. So either she dies doing something heroic or hasn’t become the villain by the time of Midnight Tales.

Either way, I’ll take a greater look at the story during my abundant break time. I think it’s got staying power.

Talk About it Tuesday / Veneration Z

I really got into this comic serial for a few reasons. #1, it reminds me of Shonen Jump comics to some extent. It kind of parallels shows like Naruto, for example. #2, it has a multilayered plot, exposing the tensions between the clans in the country and the burden of unpleasant pasts as the underlying thread tugging at the characters' actions. #3 It reads pretty well for teens but is interesting enough for adults as well. 

It's a pity it's on hiatus right now, but when I talked to the company, they said it would return after Slum Rebel finishes. However, there are 22 issues of this series to dig into. And while it may drag with the power leveling and backstory at times, it does make for an exciting read.  

Head to head, it wouldn't beat Is'nana the Were-spider or Sword of the Free. But it would beat Blue Beetle (probably not in the art department). Of course if they had DC money, Chon Chon could probably put out something that can beat Blue Beetle.  

Brian dubbed today's episode since my throat was a bit sore from this never-ending cold. I should get him to do the Screen Junkies "honest trailers" voice again.