Rimworld: Diary of a pirate boss.

After my successful Rimworld story on Wattpad called The Hero We Deserved, I set up a poll on the forums for the game to decide the next storyline. Everyone died in the first one because Rimworld. There's an old saying about the game- the only safe place on a Rimworld is off it.

There was a tie between The New Oregon Trail and Diary of a Pirate Boss. I decided to go with the pirate boss storyline in diary format because I've never written diary style before and I really wanted Caravan Tales to win. 

Either way, it is my last Rimworld story for a long time- unless I get 5000 reads or something. 

The pirate boss storyline will be a war comedy story as a guy essentially forms a pirate base out of a rather large group of spaceship crash survivors. This is my genre of choice these days, until I finish SuperPrepared- or at least the outline, anyway. 

Wind and Rain!

My first Darfur 3 short story series is up now at Wattpad! Link below

You can read more detailed info about the series at my side page here. Long story short, two of the heroes of the Battle of Cleveland have been forced out of EADI-Helena and got jobs as cops in Sacramento. You can probably guess which two. 

I'm not expecting a lot of views off the bat, but I imagine those will pick up as I expect a lot of interest in the series when Cobalt Princess launches in April. Speaking of which, I'll be working on that for the rest of the month. 

It's been a productive month for me so far! I hope it's the same for you, fellow readers and writers!