Talk About it Tuesday / Bounty-X Minddar: The Muck and Flirt

We start our Bounty of Bounties Tuesday (lol) with The Muck. Our hero continues his job of hunting the universe's strangest bounties and today's is no exception. He has to fight a weird parasite that hijacks bodies and eats brains. So he's Chucky from the Darfur 3 Saga?  No, not exactly. Chucky doesn't eat the brain of the person he rides inside of. Anyway, it's a fun adventure to watch as the bounty hunter must fight the parasite and the unfortunate alien he hijacked. 


Flirt came out before The Muck and it took some time before I could get to it. This was the first live-action film in the series that he did. The other one I reviewed was stop-motion clay. He gives the bounty hunter more of a human touch and introduces a character that appears later in the comics. While I wasn't fond of the acting, I still think they did a decent job. It's a free Youtube movie so I can't complain. It still doesn't move much in the way of the overall story but it does introduce characters from the comics that I think he will use later in the movie series.

Fundamentally, if BET or another network wants an Afrofuturist space opera horror that works well on a budget, I think Bounty-X could work. It would be a bit of a slog to get it TV ready, but I feel like he's got the bits ready. 

On a funny note, my wife was in the same room watching Call the Midwife at the same time I was watching this on the monitor. The shootout between the alien and the bounty hunter caught her attention. Unfortunately, later that night she had a bizarre nightmare in which she was an Anglican nurse and the Krillian alien came into the hospital with ringworm and she had to treat it. Yeah, crossover nightmares are not fun.  So Flirt got double Cinema Sin for that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the doubleheader! Just don't watch it with Call the Midwife. It's not a good combination. 

Talk About It Tuesday / Galactic Mandate

I'm still figuring out the opening sequence and stuff like that. But since I don't have much in the way of artistic skills, you get this hodgepoge of concepts. Jarvis thinks it's good for now. I might change it up or hire a pro around episode 90 but we'll see. 

Speaking of hodgepodge, let me tell you about this week's book. There's a regret arc, a 'for the kingdom' arc, a 'fall from grace' arc, and a cult arc. There's a lot going on in this book and while much of it doesn't make sense, the author did a good job of keeping the plotlines from tangling and making everything sensical in the end without long explanations.  

This is more of a full-throated military sci-fi novel than an adventure/thriller novel. It's not as commentary heavy as Starship Troopers or as military focused as the Deep series. I think the main plotline of 'we have to free the clones' worked the best and that's the one I think readers should pay more attention to, even though the cult arc kind of makes it the whole 'saving' part out to be the exact opposite of that.  

Anyway, it's been a month since I've finished my secret novel. I'll be taking a more detailed edit next week and after that I'll make time for Super War pt 1. I'm half of the way through the space adventure novel with the end nearly in sight. Gonna try to get a chapter completed on Thursday. Wish me luck.