Talk About It Tuesday / Doubleheader of Doom!

This is part one of our Doubleheader of Doom! Part 2 launches tomorrow for Halloween and I'll post the second video here. So stay tuned!

This book has two monsters; the first being the one living inside the main character, the second being bad formatting. The book also has two divergeant genres; historical adventure horror and action sci-fi. I feel the historical horror chapters with the minor inserts into history worked better than the action sci-chapters. Anyway I'm surprised the main character, when he got to the late 20th century, did not try to tame the creature with Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. That always tames the savage wild pre-schoolers.

This is Part II in our DOUBLEHEADER OF DOOM1 (lightning effect here) A compilation of scary stories written by black women from around the globe, it challenges our notions of race in horror writing. Black folks are frequently the main character, and occasionally, also the villain. There were only a few stories I did not like, but best yet, none that I skipped. That's pretty impressive for a book full of different authors 

One of my reviewed writers had a story in this compilation and that's how I found it. Therefore, readers and listeners who are creators! Get posted in genre collections and I might stumble upon your works while looking for authors I previously reviewed! It's the way to my show!