Talk About it Tuesday / Shadow Wars

It's easy to rag on YA books these days for many reasons. I kind of did so in this video, but not totally. I understand that everything doesn't have to be award-winning literary fiction as dense Murakami's work. So I didn't rag on the genre too much as I explained this book. 

The author took a big leap of faith on the idea of showing both character POVs in different chapters on the same timeline. I haven't seen it done often in literature. I have seen it done in comic books and TV before. Because she put one POV only per chapter it made sorting and understanding the feelings of the characters much easier. I don't read a lot of romance so I'm not sure how common that is in that genre, but I know it's not too common in other genres.  

While it didn't work throughout the book, it made the first third of the book really exciting as Veil tries his best to help this stranger he never met but felt like he had a connecton with. Nikki, being the stranger, is stuck in the London dundgeon and can only follow things on the device Veil has. The alien cell-phone thingie that somehow wound up in his hands.  

Anyway. I'm hoping to get some new graphics for the show soon. We're past 75 episodes and I want to do something nice for the viewers. And you know what that means: We're only 25 more to the big 100! I think it should fall in late Aug or early Sep at this rate. I wonder if I can get interviewed by Mr. Hayashi again?